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RingCentral apps update: Desktop App, Android, and Microsoft Outlook

Dear RingCentral Customer,

To make sure you and your users continue to get the best performance from your RingCentral   service, wed like to tell you about several critical app updates.

Softphone app

As of December 1, 2015, versions 6.05 and earlier of the RingCentral Softphone app will no longer be supported. To determine which version youre currently running, click here. To continue using the service, affected users must download RingCentral for Desktop.

Android mobile app

RingCentral recently released a critical update to our RingCentral Android mobile. As of November 22, 2015, users on version 7.4.2 and earlier, will be unable to use the mobile app without first upgrading. Be sure to download the latest version today.

RingCentral for Microsoft Outlook

Some Windows users reported problems installing the most recent version of the RingCentral for Microsoft Outlook integration. If you or your users experienced these difficulties, you can now download the latest versions here. 

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Hi Business Office

You can directly use AppStore (on iOS) or GooglePlay (on Android) and search "RingCentral" then download and install the app.

You can also open the links below on mobile devices:


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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Some Features of the New Soft Phone Do Not Work. I Still Like the Old Desktop Sof.... New Soft Phone App.  
     I Got an E-mail on the 16th telling me that on December 1 they will stop supporting the older soft phone 6.5 and below. I am Using version 6.4.  I have downloaded and Installed the New soft phone app. I went back to the old one because not everything works in the New Softphone app. Can you Please fix the Following in the New Soft Phone App. First When Some one calls you and You Click to send a reply to them that you want them to call you back. The New soft Phone Never tells you the Calling Party Has Replied Yes or No or That it is an important call.  The Text Of there reply Always Shows up in the Blue box With Red or Black Text when the Old App.  2ed I love the Pop out voice mail list where you can save them right to your computer and into a new list. so you can have folders of the messages . This is much more user friendly.    the Last of them is Drag and Drop for Faxing all I had to do before to Fax is drag and drop the file. Now on the New one I have a long list of files to look through and trying to get the right file is hard at times. Can you please Update this in the new soft phone.    

This Post Is For Case Number (04130936)  
  Thank You. 


(800) 596-1048
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I feel they Take to long at times. I have had a case open and Still not fixed dating back to March now. It's been sitting with engineering all this time./  
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Desktop App: Display Extension for Incoming Call.

For the latest Version 7.4.1 (and 7.1.4) the Incoming Caller's extension selection is not displayed. I have been a Ring Central customer for over 10 years. All call pop up software has always displayed the extension that the incoming caller had selected. For me this is an essential element of your softphone and without it I have no idea who the incoming caller is trying to reach.  This has always been a feature of your softphone software and I find it unbelievable that it is not included in this version. In trying to resolve this issue for my purposes, I had requested a previous version that had been forcibly "upgraded" but was informed that any earlier versions will be upgraded automatically thereby making it useless to try and use your older version of the software. For me this is a deal killer. Without the knowledge of what extension the caller desired I am "flying blind" when answering or forwarding calls. In some cases answering calls for other individuals that I would normally forward or send to voicemail. This is a disaster for me and how I run my company. 

Since I am providing feedback, I thought I would also mentioned that the call forwarding function used to have a default forwarding number but now provides a list that I must scroll down to pick my preferred forwarding number....not as user friendly as the previous versions...and I have seen many version in my 10+ years as  a customer.

I don't know how the extension number display could have been overlooked in your software development, but for me it is an unacceptable mistake that needs immediate attention. Until you can make this change (I am assuming that you will, but please correct me if I wrong about this), please release the older version of the softphone software that does allow display of the extension and not force an upgrade to the latest software.

Thank you

Richard Scott
1-800-754-4421 ext. 106
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I'm with Richard Scott - you provide an option to "ring Administrator's softphone" in the extension settings. What is the point of this setting if we can't see which extension the user pressed so we know whether to forward it to certain employees, have it go to voicemail, or pick it up ourselves.

Either put this feature back or let us use the old softphone which worked perfectly!

I've had so many of my customers complain about the Desktop app compared to zero complaints when they had the old softphone.
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