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Single Point of Contact

A new Single Point of Contact (SPoC) program from Professional Services is now available for US & Canada to serve Ultimate customers with a direct resource of expedited technical support, proactive case resolution, and the best practices to meet their technical needs.RingCentral Single Point of Contact program features a designated professional services team with cloud domain knowledge and hands-on experience to help simplify RingCentral support across an organization.

Single Point of Contact (SpoC) benefits: 
  • Designated resources for accessing technology expertise and resolving issues.
  • Shorter response time with escalated process.
  • Proactive case tracking and management lead to a quicker resolution.
  • Recommendations for best practices to optimize RingCentral solution.
  • Streamlined deployment and tailored phone services to meet business needs.
  • Prompt notifications to stay on top of case status, resolutions, and service updates.

  • For additional details about RingCentral Professional Service, contact RingCentral Sales at 800-574-5290.
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