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RingCentral supported web browsers.

To maintain a high level of security, RingCentral will no longer be supporting older web browser versions. To assure that you will be able to access the RingCentral Service Web  in the coming weeks, please update your browser at your earliest convenience. 

Note:    For most browsers, you can go to Help > About and see an option or link to update the browser. If you need detailed instructions visit the vendors sites.

Update Existing Browser
Direct Browser Downloads

How do I know if I'm affected?
Visit the following resources to check your browser or API client for TLS 1.2 support: - Browser support list:

How to test yourself
Visit the following sites to test your browser, API client, or code for TLS 1.2 support:- Test your browser: 
- Test your program:  

For more details view Article: TLS Upgrade Notice
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled "Browser Not supported" error with Internet Explorer 11. 1. US
2. None
3. When an end user clicks on the "Set Up Account" link in the onboarding email to RingCentral, the RC site indicates the browser is not supported. I receive the error when opening the link in IE 11, but it works correctly when using Google Chrome.
4. Fix the setup process so it works in IE 11
5. Reproducible on multiple machines. 
6. Windows 7 x64 Enterprise using IE 11 version 11.0.9600.18368
7. None
8. 50
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mike avatar image mike epalombizio6132 commented ·
If you run this test, what does it show?

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epalombizio6132 avatar image epalombizio6132 epalombizio6132 commented ·
Thanks - check shows good protocol support (TLS 1.2) and not vulnerable to the three listed vulnerabilities. Full report attached. 

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chris-duquette4018 avatar image chris-duquette4018 commented ·
updated, thanks for the heads up
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epalombizio6132 avatar image epalombizio6132 commented ·
Great. Let me know if I should contact support on this or if this is expected. I understand session tickets works in IE 11, but only for Windows 8.1+. If I need to have end users use Chrome instead for this step I'll do that.

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mike avatar image mike epalombizio6132 commented ·
Can you forward the onboarding email to please?  I just tested the site on IE11 and it seems to work fine.  Maybe there's an issue with the link/url in the email or perhaps a different incompatibility. Your browser version should be fine.

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epalombizio6132 avatar image epalombizio6132 commented ·
We traced this back to an incorrect zone setting in Internet Explorer. All is well now. Thanks for the responses.
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 epalombizio6132 commented ·
Any time! We are always happy to help.
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joseph-celebioglu avatar image joseph-celebioglu commented ·
I can't find the Firefox plugin in your app gallery?
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mike avatar image mike joseph-celebioglu commented ·
Sorry but there is only a Chrome extension.  There's not one available for Firefox. 
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