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How can RingCentral's Zapier integration help you?

Check out a few different ways you can take advantage of RingCentral's new Zapier integration: 

  • Archive ended RingCentral calls in Google Sheets: Use this Zap
  • Send RingCentral SMS messages from received ones: Use this Zap
  • Send Slack messages for received RingCentral SMS messages: Use this Zap
  • Save RingCentral call recordings to Google Drive: Use this Zap
  • Send RingCentral call recordings via email: Use this Zap
  • Send email via Gmail for new RingCentral call recordings: Use this Zap

Creating a Zap is easy and you can sign up here:

Be sure to let us know of any other Zaps you've created and share them here!

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You can also use Zapier to automate your Glip tasks.   Check out these Zaps for Glip!

  • Post new Gmail messages to Glip:  Use this Zap
  • Post a message to Glip for each new post to your Facebook page: Use this Zap
  • Be notified of new Dropbox files in Glip:  Use this Zap
  • Post a message to Glip when a new ticket is created on Freshdesk:  Use this Zap
  • Post a message to Glip when your company is tagged on Instagram:  Use this Zap

Please comment or click the Helpful button above if you found any of these Zaps useful. 
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Cool.  I just made a zap to send a canned response if someone texts my main number.  I also was already sending Zendesk ticket updates into Glip.
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Loop starts soon as someone sends a text and the zap sends them a message back (as the outbound sms also triggers the zap's RingCentral New SMS trigger which then texts the main line number which then creates an inbound text again and the loop continues.) 

The solution is to add a filter to the zap that is for inbound only and doesn't contain your main number as the from phone number. See screenshot:

It is ironic that we need a third party to create an auto-reply for RingCentral received text messages that we can't respond to them by text (natively that is in RingCentral as we only get email notificaitons and can't respond to the email to text back nor have a group/queue/set of RC users that can have access to the main company number text messages on their desktop app, mobile app, gmail app, zendesk app....  
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Thanks for sharing that.  I think I will go back and do the same for my main number.  I know it is not very well integrated/designed, but I think if you log into the operator extension with the desktop or mobile app you can send SMS from your main number.  
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Thanks for Sharing Brandon!
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I'll chime in with my personal Zap too.  I created a Zap that sends me a Glip message whenever there's a post made to my Twitter page.  

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Zapier integration. In response to kkhandel on TWITTER:

@zapier now integrates with @RingCentral and @klipfolio Integrates with Zapier, so you can get your data from Ringcentral to Klipfolio.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled We want to set up an automatic text message to those who come to our site. We ar.... We want to set up an auto SMS, like an automaticl text message to those who come to our site and request a text. T. The system we are looking to start using is
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