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RingCentral Rooms: Video Conference Solution

What is RingCentral Rooms? Next generation of video conferencing solution for every conference room

  • Extends RingCentral Meetings capabilities to enterprise conference rooms with HD video, audio and web conferencing.
  • Affordable and easy-to-use alternative solution from legacy video conference room without proprietary hardware and complicate configuration
  • Connect and collaborate with other RingCentral Meetings participants joining from mobile, tablets, desktops, H.323/SIP room systems, telephones, or other RingCentral Rooms.

For more details visit: RingCentral Rooms features page.  

Visit our Blog:  RingCentral Introduces the Next Generation of Cloud-Based Room Video Conferencing

Download the Admin Guide   (page 118)

Download the
  RingCentral RoomsTM  User Guide

Ready to get started?  Visit: Getting Started with RingCentral Rooms

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Here are the port ranges that will need to be updated on your local network.  

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Hardware recommendations for RingCentral video conferencing?. We are going to begin using the video conferencing feature offered through RingCentral soon and I have been tasked with putting together the necessary hardware for facilitating this process.

Of course we could use webcams, but we are looking for a solution that would allow multiple individuals to be seen and heard from around a conference room table as an example.

I am thinking we will need a camera and possibly a microphone? What recommendations can you give me? Looking to stick to around $500 budget per office.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Support for RingCentral Meetings on a television. We run a financial advisor firm in St. Louis, Missouri and RingCentral Office Extensively.  Recently, due to Skype yanking support for television based applications, I gave RingCentral Meetings a try on my mac mini.  It worked wonderfully, however, we would really like to be able to meet with clients using our meeting room television setup, but we are not willing to invest hundreds of dollars into a computer just for video conferencing.  

My request is that RingCentral do research into supporting users in this capacity.  I purchased and am waiting for delivery on an Android mini computer for $29, and I plan on testing RingCentral meetings using that hardware.  It might behoove RC tech gurus to develop a supported app for such a device and possibly even recommend or resell the best and most compatible units on their website.
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Does this solution support ChromeBox for meetings?
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Sorry Alex,  no, there is no support for ChromeBox for meetings at this time. 
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Could you submit an FRE? Thanks
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