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Register for ConnectCentral by July 4th for a chance to win!

Be sure to register by July 4th for a chance to win a free night's stay at the Marriott Marquis Hotel! 

Register Now! 

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I really want to attend this, but can't unfortunately.  Will you be holding this conference anywhere else at a later date ?  If not, will some of the materials be available ?  You should allow users that can't attend to "Join" the meetings at a smaller fee!!! Insert smilling emoji 
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Hi Jennifer,   We currently do not have another date planned, and unfortunately we do not have a method set up to allow users to join remotely or view later.  However we have shared your comments with our Marketing team and they are considering some method of sharing content, but nothing is final or planned at this time.  

If they do plan another event, we'll continue to post announcements and reminders here on the Community. 


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Great, thank you! 
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