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RingCentral Archiver (for Dropbox, Google Drive and SFTP)

This provides an automatic back-up solution for customers to store:
  • Voicemail
  • Call recordings
  • SMS messages, and
  • Faxes
How can I get RingCentral for Dropbox?
RingCentral for Dropbox is available for all RingCentral Office customers. Simply go to and login with your phone and password to connect your RingCentral communications system with Dropbox.

What are the system requirements? 
RingCentralfor Dropbox is a browser-based application. The following are supportedbrowsers:
  • Internet Explorer 11+ (Windows 7+)
  • Firefox 46+ (Windows, Mac)
  • Chrome 50 + (Windows, Mac)
  • Safari 9.1+ (Mac)

For more detailed step by step instructions visit:   RingCentral for Dropbox
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Please note the correct URL to login is . I will ask Kim to update the OP. We changed the domain name to match with marketing guideline
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Working now. FYI...If I remember correctly when I used the other URL (without the "R" in "archiver") it would forward to the now corrected URL. Anyway, no worries. Working properly now.
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* Done! Updated URL in original post *
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Outstanding!  Thank you Jan for the update! :-D 
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Are you guys going add Amazon S3, Google Drive, etc to the RingCentralArchiver? We'd like those 2 services over dropbox
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Q: We currently have Dropbox integration with our FaxOut.  Is this going to change how FaxOut works?

A: No. These are two separate integrations that can co-exist. 

RingCentral for Dropbox is our new addition to RingCentral Office plans (only). Customers can connect their RingCentral service with a Dropbox account that all historical messages and recordings are archived automatically and periodically in Dropbox storage.

RingCentral FaxOut integration with Dropbox is available for ALL RingCentral plans (Office, Professional and Fax) that allow customers to fax any file stored in their Dropbox accounts.

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled DropBox: Transfer Call Recordings to Drop Box Automaticly. 1) My company has a US Ring-Central Account. Highest Package
2) Our Business is in the financial Industry. We are Commodity Brokers. We use our phones to take orders from clients all over the world. We provide execution services for all world commodity futures and options.
3) We have been customers and adding lines for a couple of years now. The main reason we are using Ring Central is that it records our phone conversations. Due to the nature of our business by law we must have our phone lines recorded and the recording archived for two years.
We know many people in our industry that use your service and have the same request!!
It would be a great feature to have our call recordings to be automatically archived into a cloud/Dropbox account. It is not good that we have to manually save them every 60 days and them transfer them to our Drop Box. If this process could be automated by Ring Central it would help us tremendously.
4) If the regulators request to see our records/call recordings for a certain time and date; We would log into Drop Box and the recording will all be there for them to see.
5) The benefit would be not having to manually download the recordings. Also sometimes we forget and loss recordings. It will benefit us to be in compliance with US regulators.
6) I have a case # 04655502
I have asked in the past many times for this feature with no success. I never asked in the Support Community so I hope this will prioritize it. Thank you and I hope you consider this feature.
Best regards,
Avery Putter
COO- Sweet Futures 1, LLC
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Call Recording: Automate downloading. Can we have the ability to download all saved recordings for Automatic Call Recording in just one click.
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