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Mobile App: How do I update my Caller ID on my RingCentral Mobile App?

Select the My Profile icon in the upper left corner of the Mobile App on both the Android and iPhone. Scroll down to  Mobile App Settings, then select  Caller ID. 

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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Mobile App Outgoing Caller ID SAVE Settings. I'm a RC OFFICE user based in the US. On my Android cell phone, I've set all the outbound caller ID settings on the phone to use my main office number as the caller ID for all outbound calls. Unfortunately, these settings are not being honored by the phone as each time I make a call, I have to RESET the outbound caller ID to the main office number directly on the keypad. 

I would really like to SET THIS ONCE and know that's the way it will be UNTIL I CHANGE IT again myself. Having to set it manually each time I make a call ISN'T CONVENIENT, and is PRONE to ERRORS. Additionally, as this functions right now, I CANNOT set this at all when quickly returning a call, because the phone directly dials WITHOUT giving me a chance to make sure the caller ID is as I want it.
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Are you setting this under the Mobile App Settings / Caller ID menu selection in the mobile app? I've set mine there, as required, and it hasn't changed at all. I know that some other users have set it under Extension Settings or Phone System settings but those are not the correct locations.
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Mobile App: Keep outbound caller ID changes. US RC Office Enterprise

I've been using the RC Mobile App for Android today, and just noticed a little quirk that's becoming annoying.  When viewing the dialpad from the app, I'm given the option to change my outbound caller ID using a dropdown above the numbers.  By default, it's set to my direct phone number, even though everything in my extension settings is set to our main company number.

After noticing I placed a couple calls with my direct number as the outbound caller ID, I changed it to our main number for the next call, thinking problem solved.  After a few more calls, I notice it's back to my direct number, and nothing I do will get it to stick.

Please make an option available to change the primary outbound caller ID for the mobile app.  I want the majority of my outbound calls to look like they're coming from our main number, as that's the number our clients will recognize.  Having the ID revert back would be great if I changed my outbound caller ID to my direct number for a particular call, but it's simply inconvenient to have to change it to our main number every single time I make a call.
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John avatar image John commented ·
Eric, I wonder if your situation is related to the number you use to log in on your Android RC app.

I log in to my Android RC app using our main company number and my extension number, not my direct number. So far as I know, my Android caller ID always shows our main company number, unless for a single call I change it via the drop-down menu to one of our company toll free numbers. My direct number doesn't even appear in the list of numbers in the drop-down menu.

If you are logging in to your Android RC app using your direct number, try instead logging in using your main company number and your extension.
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nathan-malone1532 avatar image nathan-malone1532 John commented ·
Hello John,

It is always best practice to log in with the direct phone number and not the main number + Ext. because the potential for user error is greater when trying to log with the main number + Ext.

We often see users who log in with their main number + Ext. who will have issues logging in and try and reset their password, but end up sending the main admin a password reset email because they have forgotten to use their extension number when requesting the password reset, or don't realize that they have to use it when using the main number because it does say "Optional" next to the Extension field. This is one of the multiple issues that can happen when using the main number + Ext.

We always suggest that if the User has a direct number they always use that, it just helps avoid some of the User errors that can cause problems. The Extension field has to be there as an option however because from time to times there will be extensions that do not have direct numbers assigned to them that need to be signed into. A call queue is a perfect example. If you want to check the messages in a call queue, you can log into the call queue using the main number + Ext. of the call queue.
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kim avatar image kim John commented ·

User's should not be logging in with the Main Number + Ext, they really should use the Direct Line! :-)  Also, his issue was resolved with the above instructions - we just merged his thread to this one since it answered his question. 

Thank you, 

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John avatar image John John commented ·
Logging on with the main company number and my extension works fine for me.

If users are supposed to enter their direct line, only, then why does the mobile app provide a place to enter their extension number? Since direct numbers don't have extensions, it would seem that if users are supposed to use their direct number, there would be no reason for there to be a spot on the app for users to enter their extension number.
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John avatar image John commented ·
By the way, I have VOIP turn off on my mobile app. I haven't been able to see any reason to have it turned on on my cell phone. Just like most cell phone users these days, I have unlimited cell phone minutes, and I am seldom in an area where I don't have cell phone coverage. It is my understanding that the main purpose of the mobile app is to be able to use RC features with regular cell phone service. I am already paying my cell phone carrier for the cell phone service and the minutes, so I don't need to pay again to RC for that. I am already paying RC for the use of its "free" mobile app when I pay my annual RC bill.

I suppose I would use the VOIP feature on the mobile app if I was in an area where I had no cell phone coverage but had wireless internet available. But that would be extremely rare for me.
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John avatar image John commented ·
Nathan, thank you for this information. You are always good about providing good, literal, well-written feedback and instructions that make sense and that do not leave questions unanswered or just add more confusion to the topic.

Fortunately for us, with our hiring practices, we in this office here are all intelligent, educated persons who are able to read, follow and even write simple, technically-well-written instructions. Also, rather than having employees depend upon RC's written instructions, which we often find to be poorly-written, we write and provide our own custom instructions for them. So, we don't have the kinds of troubles that you mentioned.
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