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RingCentral Meetings Update!

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We have recently made changes to the RingCentral audio conference number within RingCentral Meetings.

We have added a NEW Audio Conference Number: (773) 231-9226.  The new number is designed to provide a better call experience with HD voice quality as it is more tightly integrated into the RingCentral product. 
The (605) 562-3185 is the old number, and will still work. However, the 605 number will eventually be removed.  

This change will only affect " Recurring meetings " and any future meets that have been scheduled before Aug 22, and will not apply to newly generated Meetings.  If you have any meetings previously scheduled, please cancel them and re-create a new meeting, so that the new number will be generated with the new invite. 

Please review your Scheduled Meetings by logging into your RingCentral Meetings App and selecting  Meetings in the lower right menu bar.

Note: Remember to copy and paste the new Meetings content to the invitation.  
Changes in the Meetings App will not automatically update your calendar events.  
For an even easier way, if you use Outlook, you can easily open the existing invitation, click the Cancel" RC Meetings then click again Schedule a Meetings.  The Outlook invitation will automatically update both calendar and Meetings App.

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Please share this update with your teams!! 
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