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Polycom Phone Firmware Update (VVX Model)

Beginning the evening of September 7th, a new version of the Polycom firmware will be available on our registration server. During the week of September 12th, between the hours of 11 p.m. and 3 a.m. Pacific Time, we will update your phones. 

If you restart your Polycom VVX devices after September 7th, but before your scheduled maintenance, the phone will automatically update with the new firmware. 

Important:  This process can take up to 30 minutes to complete depending on the network speed. Do not interrupt (unplug the phone) during the installation process. The reboot can happen any time during the service window. If you are on the phone during the reboot, the call will get disconnected. 

To identify the version of the phones please check Menu > Settings > Status > Platform > Application > Main


Changes in this release:

Improved Call Transfer User Experience - For details visit: Transferring calls via IP phones

Improved bandwidth when using PC port on VVX device

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brennskag3004 avatar image brennskag3004 commented ·
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Polycom Firmware Update - Blind Transfer Very Confusing Since Update. After the Polycom VVX firmware update, It is extremely confusing making a blind transfer directly to someones voicemail.  The previous instructions had you to press "Blind", then "*0, Ext".  That wasn't so bad.  Now just to get to "Blind" you have to remember to "long press" transfer first, then hit Blind, then *0+Ext.  Are there any plans to bring back the "Blind" softkey??  We are new to RingCentral (1 month) and this added level of complexity is enough to make us go back to our old provider.  Help!
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deborah-jennings1489 avatar image deborah-jennings1489 brennskag3004 commented ·
We MUST have the BLIND transfer button back.  It makes it extremely difficult to manage calls from reception.  This should ABSOLUTELY NOT have been taken away. 

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brennskag3004 avatar image brennskag3004 brennskag3004 commented ·
Mike I have to agree  wholeheartedly with Deborah.  I don't see any 'added functionality', only a non-intuitive way to change the default transfer behavior.  The 'Blind' softkey was a much easier method to accomplish a blind transfer. Now you have to remembering to 'long press' without any visual clue. A definite step backwards.  Just my opinion.
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slicktop2518 avatar image slicktop2518 brennskag3004 commented ·
If you set your default transfer type to "Blind" then whenever you transfer a call it will be a Blind transfer.  You then have to perform the "Long Press" to choose "Consultative".
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arias3207 avatar image arias3207 commented ·
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Polycom Warm and Cold Transfer button. No more Blind transfer button after hitting Transfer with the new version for Polycom VVX 410, please bring it back.  The only way to do Blind transfers is to long press Transfer during the call - choose Blind - and then hit select key before entering the extension which is very cumbersome.
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nathan-malone1532 avatar image nathan-malone1532 commented ·
Hello Gears Admin,

I would assume that the phones in question are 3rd party phones that were not purchased from RingCentral. If this is the case, when the phone registers as a VVX410 model we give the phone a configuration file which includes a password. This password is the default password for the phone and causes the error warning you are describing.

When you change the password on the phone, our configuration file overwrites the password next time it registers and the error message comes back. There is one way to fix it which is probably not a good option for you, however, you can change the phone from a VVX410 to an "Existing Phone". This will resolve the issue but remove presence and softkey functions from the phone.

There is another potential way to fix the problem. You can call into support and ask them to lock the phone on our back end. A locked phone is given a different password than the default, this may fix the issue, generally, the locked function is used for devices purchased from RingCentral so I cannot guarantee that it will resolve the issue but we can give it a try for you. If you give support a call make sure you explain your issue and why you are asking for the phone to be locked.

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roy-fox3079 avatar image roy-fox3079 commented ·
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Polycom VVX310 not working after firmware update. We've been using ringcentral and polycom VXX310 handsets for quite a few months and all has been great.

I was asked by RC to update the emergency contact information on my account/lines. I did this and saved before exiting and all the phones rebooted. All phones downloaded the new firmware

After the reboot, two of our handsets wouldn't reconnect to the service.. but ALL of our handsets were no longer visible on the network to enable me to log into them with the web config utility. All phones have been allocated an IP, I can ping all of them with no issues, but if I open a browser and type the IP address, none of them can be seen.
Before this update I've had no issues what so ever, all phones are visible.

I've just spent nearly three hours with online chat who have failed to find what's causing it except to point me to a page about port forwarding.. but as I said, I've been using the service for months without issue, it's only this firmware that has introduced three issues:

1. Two handsets refuse to register to the network, even entering the log in server details etc. manually, it just sits there saying trying to log in..

2. ALL handsets are now no longer visible on the web config utility

3. ALL remaining handsets apart from the two above have a flashing exclamation mark in the top left of the display

Does any one have any ideas please?
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roy-fox3079 avatar image roy-fox3079 roy-fox3079 commented ·
E1EE is one of them. I'd have to go to another building for the other. Sorry that is closed now. This phone is currently displaying signing in on the display and has been doing this for nearly 1 hour now
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kim avatar image kim roy-fox3079 commented ·
Thank you for the additional details.  
  • How many times have you rebooted the hardphone?
  • The phones are pulling IP Address that you are able to ping, but you are unable to access the IP Address online? Is this correct?
  • Are all the hardphones down, or are any of them online and working?  
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kim avatar image kim roy-fox3079 commented ·
Roy - I think I misunderstood. The hardphones are working but not the headsets
I also see you have two cases open with our UK Support team: 04978547 & 04978369.  I will note your case. 
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sean-kelly2366 avatar image sean-kelly2366 commented ·
This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Polycom Firmware Issue: Drastic internet speed difference. Polycom Firmware Issue: Drastic internet speed difference (direct connect to switch VS. switch-phone-PC)

Hello there,

I am with a small business and we have Ring Central and have had it for over a year now.

RingCentral Case # 04786865

So, this issue has only popped up about 2 weeks ago. I intially thought the issue was our Time Warner service because there was construction happening near our building on several lines. After that cleared up and we continued to have issues, I investigated further.

I must preface this with the fact that we have not had any issues of this sort until recently. The issue is that our phones cut out and the lines will display an "x" for approximately 10-20 seconds every few hours. There is also a delay in internet response on the PC connected to the phone during this time. The router we have in the office has been configured since the system was initially set up for the port triggers and forwards it needs, so there are no configuration issues.

This was verified by a RC tech support rep logging into my PC and checking the router settings.

After the initial problems with the phone cutting out for short, random periods of time I noticed that the internet response on my PC was rather slow in general. After I noticed this issue, I started running speed tests from different computers in the office to make sure this wasn't just an issue for me or my network card. We have 50MBps/5MBps cable internet service. Most of the time I run a speed test during heavy hours, we still are able to get between 35-45Mbps consistently. After this issue has occurred, I noticed the speed coming from my PC was extremely low. It finished the test and gave me  1.55Mbps/2.89Mbps. I then ran the test from our server, which is hooked directly to the router. The speeds were normal, in fact faster than the rated speed. (60Mbps/6Mbps).

I decided to unplug my phone and hook the Ethernet cable directly to my PC and perform the same test. I received similar speeds to the test run on the server. It is clear somehow the switch in the phone is causing a huge drop off in connection speed. I do not understand how.

The tech support rep suggested if the configuration wasn't working correctly I needed to purchase a new router. The speeds were fine prior to a couple of weeks ago, and I have run several speed tests from PC in the last few months and never reported any performance issues. The router we have is a Netgear R6100 and while it is a few years old, I have not noticed any other internet related issues (aside from the 2.4 wireless band cutting out about once a week).

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on why we are having such a hard time lately?
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