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RingCentral Glip September Feature Release

RingCentral Glip* provides a virtual team workspace for truly modern collaboration, included as part of RingCentral Office. Users get team messaging, file sharing, link previews, a place to keep notes, and shared tasks and calendars. Updates include compliance exports and new mobile app features.

Compliance Exports
All of your company's data can be exported into a set of files in JSON format. This includes lists of all conversations (covering both People and Teams), as well as the actual content from those conversations. Learn more.  

Organize Glip conversations how you want with new grouping options
You ca now configure in the settings section how you would like to organize messages groups and teams. You have the following options to choose from: 
  1. Message grouping
  2. Folder option
Navigate to the settings cog to edit. Learn more.
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