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New Self-Help Service from RingCentral Customer Care

Beginning with the popular RingCentral Office User Guide, customers can now view an interactive Contents page and select the topics they want to view online, without having to download the entire PDF.

We hope that this new live, interactive document delivery method will save time and improve customer satisfaction.

Please check out this new InteractiveContents service, and please give us your feedback.

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John avatar image John commented ·
I assure you I did not approach this with a critical predisposition. But here was my experience in trying it.

Top of left frame, wondered what is meant by "Deliverable User Guide," with "Deliverable" written in white font on an orange background of what appears to be a button. Hovering that button brings up a screen tip "Deliverable." After a few seconds of hovering on and around the button, frustration, along with the thought of why that is there:  It's not a button; it's not linked to anything; the screen tip is useless; and there is no clue as to what the word "Deliverable" means in this context.

Going over to the right panel to "Part 1: Getting Started  -  Introduction," find a bullet list of all the main features, and think will be able to pick a feature, click on it, and read up on it. So, experimenting, pick the feature "Call Flip," mouse up to the bullet list to click on "Call Flip" to go to that section, but find no hyperlink. The same with the others in the list. There are no links in the list. It's just a list. More frustration.

Try the search box in the upper right-hand corner. Type in "Call Flip." Six different results. One stands out as the one I probably want.

Click my back button in my browser about six times to get back to the left-hand frame to check that out. Frustration again. No search box there. No index there. More frustration. Having a good user guide requires having a good index.

For me, the online guide has no great advantage over downloading a pdf User Guide, It's no hassle to download a pdf user guide. PDFs have the advantage of off-line use, portable to smart phones and tablets for use away from the office in spots where internet connection is not available. But PDF guides are sometimes not updated in as timely way as are online guides. Others may prefer the online version. Personal preference.

I'd say that this one is generally no better or no worse than most of the scores of others I've used over more years than I'd like to admit. I'd say that the more features that are included in a package, the more important, the more thorough, and the better arranged the TOC and index need to be, and the better the technical writing needs to be.

Your best customers are likely those who prefer self help over contacting tech support. They prefer to search for the answers themselves. They understand that the more one self-helps, the more he retains. The better the written guides, the less frustrated they get in searching for the answers they need, and the less they think about shopping around for another service. They even prefer self-helping over coming to this forum and asking.
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mike avatar image mike John commented ·
Thanks for you feedback. We will pass this along and work on improving the tool. 


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John avatar image John John commented ·
You're very welcome.
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new topic Please reference the new conversation here: Can not receive voicemails
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