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RingCentral Glip Starter Tips

RingCentral Glip provides a virtual team workspace, included as part of the RingCentral Office service.

Users get team messaging, file sharing, link previews, a place to keep notes, and shared tasks and calendars. It delivers everything you need to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues, clients, and business partners - all in one place and it's free.

We've created the following starter tips to help you discover the powerful team messaging workspace. 
  1. Log in - Use your RingCentral credentials or use your companys Single Sign-On when logging in to Glip.
  2. Start a chat -  Type a persons name in the search bar (top left), highlight the person's name and hit Return.
  3. Share links & files -  Have you tried sharing links and files with your colleagues in Glip? Itll make your team more productive and its easy to do. 
    • To share links, copy and paste the URL into the text entry field. Once you hit enter, the link will post and include a brief preview.
    • Drag and drop a file into any conversation. Enjoy unlimited file size and storage with your RingCentral account.
  4. Gather your project team - Work together with your project, department, or friends in one place by clicking on the (+) next to Teams.
  5. Download Glip for desktop and mobile - The PC and Mac apps allow you to easily access Glip from your computers toolbar. Take us with you wherever you go were on iOS and Android.
  6. Become a pro - Discover the full potential of RingCental Glip by keeping up to date with the latest pro tips from the team at RingCentral. Visit our blog to gain access to these Glip tips and tricks.
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How do you communicate with non-Glip users (eg. my customers)?
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Add them as guests. I personally create a Team for each customer and then add them as guests to that Team, where I can communicate with them and their assignees without anyone else (other customers, etc.) seeing the posts.
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