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Important Update to RingCentral Meetings


Dear RingCentral Customer,

Please note the following changes will take place on December 2 when you dial in to RingCentral Meetings.

  1. When dialing in to (773) 231-9226, the system will automatically validate the Meeting ID entered. Users will no longer have to manually confirm the Meeting ID.
  2. When join before host is disabled, all participants from a phone or desktop/mobile applications will be connected to the meeting only after the host joins.

In addition, please update any recurring meeting invitations with the new dial-in number, (773) 231-9226, no later than December 31, 2016. Note this change is only for RingCentral Meetings and not audio conferencing. Visit our RingCentral Meetings article to learn more.

Please let your users know of these changes. If you have questions, please contact Customer Care.

Thank you,


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Why is RingCentral changing to a new number?

A: To improve voice quality and security on RC Meetings.

Will the new number impact my meeting audio quality?

A: Audio quality is improved.

Can I still join my recurring meetings with the current number?

A: Both old and new numbers will work for the time being

Will all the RingCentral Meetings international numbers be different?

A: Yes all international numbers will be updated to new numbers.

Will the existing international numbers continue to work for the RC brand?

A: The existing international numbers will continue to work

Do you support all the same international countries after the change?

A:  The following countries are currently unavailable: Bahrain, Chile

When will the old number be discontinued?

A: The old number will be discontinued in the near future, a migration plan will be rolled-out.

Will the new number appear in my future meeting invitations?

A: Yes.  From the time that the new number is introduced, any new meeting scheduled or started will show the new number in both the invite and the in-meeting experience.

Will my previously scheduled meetings (in the app) automatically be updated with the new number?

A: No, recurring will need to be updated and invitations resent.


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Are there dial in numbers available for Canada and others?
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Yes!   CANADA  numbers will display new set of dial-in numbers

Also, see:   New list of International Dial-in numbers:

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