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Groups interface redesign on

What are Groups?
Groups enable you to group users to handle calls according to the set preference, ensuring that all calls are received and taken care of.

Creating virtual groups with a group of extensions is a powerful tool.  Calls to that group will automatically be placed on hold until a group member can take the call.  Groups make it easy to specify queue priority, if they set up multiple queues and to customize the in-queue experience, including maximum hold time.

Groups enables you to designate a group of employees with similar activities or services such as.

Why did we redesign Groups? 
When you log into your online account, youll notice that Groups has been redesigned to make it easier for you to navigate between or within group selections. 

When will this change take place? 
During mid December we will be updating to reflect this change. 

Redesigned Groups Interface

Previous Groups Interface

To learn more about our Groups feature, visit our Groups Overview.
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ringcentral35 avatar image ringcentral35 commented ·
Could be helpful to explain the differences between "Ring Groups" and "Queues"
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bjsvec avatar image bjsvec commented ·
Thanks for sharing.  So this is just a GUI redesign and no new operational features, right?

Also, check the last sentence of the section-  Why did we redesign Groups? 
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kshack7931 avatar image kshack7931 commented ·
Finally we can see how many people are unavailable in each queue with out scrolling through a 5 line box! Thank you. If we can get this to refresh on its own then I'll be a happy camper. I notice it will refresh if I collapse and expand again, but thats a bit annoying. Good job on some improvements!
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myers3913 avatar image myers3913 kshack7931 commented ·
@kshack - you can download a browser extension that auto refreshes your webpages.

Hope this helps...
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