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Important Upcoming Service Updates

We wanted to make sure you are informed of Polycom licensing reboot, RingCentral for Desktop, and RingCentral Meetings important updates. Please forward this important information to your employees.

Polycom Licensing Reboot
During the week of January 9, 2017, between the normal maintenance hours of 11 p.m. 3 a.m. Pacific time, we have scheduled a routine update to the licensing of your Polycom devices. You should not notice any interruption. In the unlikely event, you do experience any issues, disconnect the power or Ethernet cable from any affected devices and then reconnect the power. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact customer care

RingCentral for Desktop
Please ensure users update to the latest version of RingCentral for Desktop by January 31, 2017. Users on versions older than 8.0 will be unable to use the desktop app, without updating to the new version. Download for Windows>>  Download for Mac>>

RingCentral Meetings Dial-in Number Change
The dial-in conference number for RingCentral Meetings has changed to (773) 231-9226. You must update any recurring meetings with the new dial-in information now. As of February 1, 2017, attendees using the old conferencing numbers will not be able to connect to the meeting and hear a voice prompt instructing them to dial-in to (773) 231-9226.

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Natalie, I want to be sure I understand your message.  You indicated above that the dial in number for MEETINGS has changed.    Will the dial in number for conference calls also change for the US?  Right now we are using 267-93-4000 and I want to ensure this number will not change.  Thank you!
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Hi Andrea, 
267-930-4000 is still going to be the phone number for audio conference calling. There are no plans to update this phone number. To learn more about audio conferencing you can visit our detailed article: Conference Calling: Touch Tone Commands and International Dial-In Numbers. Thank you for clarifying! 
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moving to new thread. Please reference the new conversation here: Issue with version 7.5.4 crashing when minimized/maximized.
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