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Use Your Email Address to Log in to Your Account

Logging in to your RingCentral account is now easier. Starting February 2, 2017, you can now use your email address or Google ID to log in to your account. (Or continue to use your RingCentral phone number.)

New Log in Screens

Q & A

Can a user use multiple emails?

No. Currently re-design is set up with a single email field that is associated to a specific extension. Only 1 email per extension is permitted.


Does this work globally?

Yes, emails from around the world can/will be recognized.


What if a user has more than 1 account and the user tries to log-in with the same email across both accounts?

Currently, everything will default to the first account where the email was used during set-up. Using the same email for a different account should not work. We are still in the process of working out details to tackle the issue of multiple accounts. 


Is this update user-level based?

Yes, administrators and end users will see the new ways to log in. 

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jd4004 avatar image jd4004 commented ·
Is there a way to pull a list of accounts that have duplicate emails?
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mike avatar image mike jd4004 commented ·
Tammy, There's not an automated way to do this, but, if you log into each account as the Admin, and click User List > Download User List, then you can export everything into Excel where it's pretty easy to sort and find the duplicates.  If you have multiple accounts, you could merge the spreadsheets and find the duplicates that way also. 
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mike avatar image mike commented ·
Here are the related instructions for logging in with an email address: 

Logging in to your RingCentral Online Account with your Email or RingCentral Phone Number
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risa-beckwith16406 avatar image risa-beckwith16406 commented ·
Is it possible to disable this option in favor of only Google SSO? This means that the employee would only be able to access through G-SSO, and not through email/password.
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cglassy3135 avatar image cglassy3135 commented ·
Our  users are going to love this.
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kevin-dorsey119 avatar image kevin-dorsey119 commented ·
Does this mean a unique email address for all users and all extensions? If you have extensions that aren't associated with a user (e.g., a lobby phone or messages-only extension), will they need unique email addresses associated with them? If so, I see problems. Otherwise, the idea is a good one.
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mike avatar image mike kevin-dorsey119 commented ·
In this case think of a user as a live person that is logging in, not an extension such as "lobby".  
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Kevin Dorsey avatar image Kevin Dorsey kevin-dorsey119 commented ·
So as an admin where would I find the users this new policy applies to? If I go to the User List/Users with Extensions, that list includes extensions with "non-live" people where an extension may have the first name "Lobby" and last name "Phone" and uses my email address. I'm not sure if I'm misunderstanding this or if I need to work out a solution before it's implemented.
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jb-ferguson avatar image jb-ferguson kevin-dorsey119 commented ·

You really don't have to do anything. This is to log in to the user account. Obviously there is no "user" per se for your lobby phone and you can change the settings from the RIngCentral Admin Portal. Additionally, any account/extension can still be logged in on using the RIngCentral number and extension, plus the password.

But, for example, if John Jones has an account and wanted to log in using HIS email address, he could do so with either his digital line or the main number with his extension.

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