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Online Account Reports Improvements

We're updating our call queue reports feature for RingCentral Office administrators to provide data in a clearer format and overall better performance. 

What is changing? 
  • New columns added to User Activity
  • Removal of confusing columns from Queue Activity Detail
When are the changes occurring? 
  • These changes will be reflected on your account between March 14 -17, 2017.

Current View - User Activity 
We removed the "average calls per hour" metric due to inaccuracy.  Average call per hour was calculated based on 24 hour period, not on how many hours a user was available or logged in. 

New View - User Activity
After the changes, you'll see metrics are divided into individual users inbound and outbound call metrics. 

Current View - Queue Activity Detail 
We are removing a specific contact missed a call, because a call queue misses a call, not an individual user. 

New View - Queue Activity Detail total
This is how the new Queue Activity Detail will appear after your account has been updated. 

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Looks great!
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You could make the reports even more useful if you would allow the ability to add a template for the parameters wanted and have it automatically emailed as a pdf or csv file to a user defined in the template.
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Ring Central needs CRM built into it. It would be seamless. 
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This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled outbound call count on live report. Under live reports in RingCentral, Agent detail settings.
When you put the outbound call column up, the stats is showing any call the user/agent makes.
In the Call Center world, this should be the outbound call the agent the customer/outside world. Any internal calls shouldn't be counted in this column. It really defeats the purpose.
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