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Previously Recorded Training Webinars

RingCentral University includes recordings of all of our training webinars so that you can watch them anytime, anywhere. Below is a list of links to our most popular webinars. If you prefer live training webinars in which you can ask questions view the schedule and register here.

Getting Started: RingCentral Admin Portal (48 minutes)
This webinar is for administrators who use the RingCentral Admin Portal to manage their RingCentral phone system. Learn how to navigate the Admin portal and locate key functionality that you will need to manage your RingCentral system.

Getting Started: RingCentral Office User Settings (36 minutes)
This webinar provides an overview of how to customize your extension settings using the RingCentral online account management tool (ServiceWeb). It also offers a quick introduction to the free applications available to all RingCentral Office users.

Getting Started: RingCentral for Desktop and Mobile 
(31 minutes)
In this webinar you will learn about key functionality including how to access call logs and messages, and, of course, how to send and receive calls, faxes, and text messages from both the RingCentral for Desktop and the RingCentral Mobile applications.

Getting Started: RingCentral Meetings (50 minutes)
Its time to make the transition to RingCentral Meetings. Learn how to host, schedule, and join a video or screen share meeting using RingCentral Meetings for both desktop and mobile.

Beyond the Basics: RingCentral Meetings (35 minutes)
Explore advanced options and plugins available with RingCentral Meetings that will make your meetings easier to schedule, easier to facilitate, and more effective overall. Topics include the Microsoft Outlook Plugin, the RingCentral Mobile App, audio best practices and troubleshooting, video options, and participant management. Learn how to use advanced screen tools such as screen share, whiteboarding, remote access, and full screen mode to improve your online meetings.

Getting Started: RingCentral Glip 
(37 minutes)
Learn how to simplify your workday through streamlined collaboration and communication. Start conversations, share documents, post links, start meetings, and create teams in one central location--all without sending an email.

Beyond the Basics: RingCentral Glip (43 minutes)
Learn how to get the most out of Glip. Explore best practices and advanced features that will help you further simplify and streamline your team-based, virtual project spaces in Glip.

Number Porting Best Practices (24 minutes)
New to RingCentral? Frequently updating your account with new numbers? Admins responsible for number porting can watch this virtual training session focused on best practices for submitting number transfer requests using your online account.
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is there an easier way to find those without having to come through here? link perhaps? or can it be found through ?
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Hi Chris, The weekly webinar page, which is accessed from the Customer Care Center, includes a section at the bottom of the page that lists "Previously Recorded Webinars." Unfortunately, only four webinars are listed there currently. Soon we will be adding a "Show All Webinars" button so that you can view everything we have. Until that functionality is available, I've posted all of our training webinars here.
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