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Available Training This Week (6/5/17) at RingCentral University

Check out the following complimentary training options at RingCentral University this week:

Webinar June 6, Introduction to RingCentral Meetings (45 minutes)
Learn how to host, schedule, and join a meeting using RC Meetings for both desktop and mobile. Explore options such as the Outlook and Chrome plug ins that make scheduling and joining meetings easier. This session also includes information about helpful meeting settings and features that you can use to optimize and streamline your meetings experience.

Webinar June 8, Advanced RingCentral Meetings (30 minutes)
Explore advanced options and plugins available with RingCentral Meetings that will make your meetings easier to schedule, easier to facilitate,and more effective overall. Topics include the Microsoft Outlook Plugin, the RingCentral Mobile App, audio best practices and troubleshooting, video options, and participant management. Learn how to use advanced screen tools such as screen share, white boarding, remote access, and full screen mode to improve your online meetings.

Webinar June 9, Effectively Manage Your Phone System Using the Admin Portal (45 minutes)
This webinar is for administrators who use the RingCentral Admin Portal to manage their RingCentral phone system. Learn how to navigate the Admin portal and locate key functionality that you will need to manage your RingCentral system. This includes phone numbers, users, phones and devices,reports, call logs, and system setup and configuration. Learn how to review and update service plan, licensing, and payment information and device order status. You will also learn where to locate additional tools including documentation, reports, and release information.

Click here to register for live webinars.

Click here to access recorded webinars. Recorded webinars are always available.

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think there could ever be a way to take some requests from the board here and then put together a "custom" webinar on stuff we've all asked about how to do? maybe stuff focusing more on advanced rules and stuff? being able to go back and see webinars is great and very helpful but only if there's something i know i want to learn or find out. I was thinking if we could make suggestions and maybe 4 or 5 of them could be gone through in detail at a time that would be cool. They could be lumped into categories that make sense so things aren't scrambled together but still informative,
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Chris, Good timing! We have plans to begin expanding our webinar topics this summer. I think here in the RingCentral Community is the perfect place to voice your suggestions. I'll be monitoring this area closely, so please encourage others to voice their suggestions here as well.
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Most people are not aware of the KnowledgeBase articles available on the RingCentral website. Most topics are searchable on any of their pages and multiple resources are generally returned, including but not limited to, KnowledgeBase articles, blog entries, white page articles, and user/administrator manuals. I used many of these resources many years ago long before they had these webinars available.
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