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Activating a new account

You've been invited to activate your new RingCentral phone system. Now what? 

You'll find step-by-step instructions to help you to quickly set up your phone system in the New User Setup tutorial. It walks you through setup, start to finish, in only a few minutes. Download your copy now and get started!   Click here for the document. 
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Maxine Ewen-Smith avatar image Maxine Ewen-Smith commented ·
Louise could you please hep me.  I have set up an account with my new employer but it is not connecting to the employees.  I would like to delete my account and then use the link my manager will send me to join the company team.  I can find no way of deleting my account so hoping you can help, am getting very frustrated
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Chuck Fuscone avatar image Chuck Fuscone commented ·
Maxine, could you explain further what you are trying to do?  Are you establishing a new account and trying to get it going?  Are you migrating from another phone system?

Do you have your phones?

How many?  The first step is getting the activation E-mail and establishing your account so you could start the setup

Sounds like you need someone to assist you in getting this up and running


Certified Ring Central Consultant
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