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How do I convert Softphone users to Desk phones and preserve their single Digital Line?

How do I convert a users RingCentral Phone App to a psycical desk phone and preserve their single Digital Line (DL)?

Scenario: User currently has a RingCentral Phone app as a digital line on their extension, but would like to use a physical desk phone while maintaining the ability to use the Phone App using the same number without being charged for 2 separate Digital Lines.

1. Go to Phone System > Phones and Devices, and Search for the users RingCentral Phone App and select it.

2. On the Phones information page, select Change Phone.

3. Select Order a new phone from RingCentral to purchase a new device, Select Existing RingCentral Phone if the device is already on the account, or select Phone not Purchased from RingCentral if the new device is in your posession but the phone is not already added to the account.


4. Funnel through the menu either to purchase a new phone, select an existing phone, or phone not purchased from RingCentral to add a new phone that is not on the account already, and ensure if a Save button is presented at any point to select it.

5. Once you have finished changing the phone to the physical desk phone, log into the RingCentral Phone App using the credentials of the extension you just swapped devices on.

6. After logging into the RingCentral Phone App, you will now see in the portal that a RingCentral Phone App has been added. It will be located on the users extension without a separate phone number for it as the number will be shared with the desk phone.

Updated 2/23/2018
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sounds like you got it all figured out man
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