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RingCentral Meetings Enhancements with v5.1

To help make it easier to join and set up video conference meetings, weve redesigned the RingCentral Meetings desktop apps home screen and expanded screen sharing options. These changes will be available for you and your users when logging in to RingCentral Meetings on August 24, 2017.

The icon to start a meeting without video on the home screen is redesigned and weve added a new share screen button to allow a participant to immediately share their computer screen without joining a meeting. Weve also made enhancements and moved some Settings UI around.

See a full outline of the RingCentral Meetings updates below. 

Download the latest versions of the RingCentral Meetings application


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msher6848 avatar image msher6848 commented ·
I am on multiple monitor set-up and now when I join a meeting, one of my screens is completely black with my name on it.  I am not suing video.  So, I wonder if this is dedicated to video for the meeting.  Anyway to turn this off?
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mike avatar image mike msher6848 commented ·
That is part of the new design.  If/when another attendee shares their screen, that window will display the "screen-share".    If you simply double-click the window it will reduce from full-screen mode, then you can resize it, move it around, or even minimize it to get it out of the way if you wish.
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jane-chen6769 avatar image jane-chen6769 msher6848 commented ·
The feature dual monitor make it convenient to see both screen share content and video. If you want to turn off the feature, you can find it in settings->general. Then you can run Meetings by just one monitor.
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jeff-cecchini246 avatar image jeff-cecchini246 msher6848 commented ·
I find that feature confusing and stumbled upon the double-click from a trial & error to get that thing out of my way. I can only imagine what kind of problems my participants are going to have managing 3 windows on 1 meeting. The prior version, was less confusing. Thanks for letting me know the setting to turn that third RC meetings screen off. I'll experiment with it. By the way, RC really shouldn't roll out a feature that's so invasive. It put me in a panic the first couple times of hosting a meeting, I couldn't get my screen organized before sharing it.
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msher6848 avatar image msher6848 commented ·
thanks.  this makes total sense now.
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