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ConnectCentral 2017 Day 1 Kicks Off with RingCentral University

By David Carr

The first day of RingCentrals ConnectCentral annual conference included a series of RingCentral University sessions offering in-depth training to those responsible for managing their organizations product and solutions experiences.

RingCentral Office training was divided into two levels, with the Level 2 class delving deeper into debugging network issues (for example, related to the Session Initiation Protocol or SIP). The Level 1 class touched on those issues also, with an emphasis on the most commonly useful troubleshooting tips, but also took a broader look at the RingCentral platform, including  RingCentral Meetings and  Glip. A third session focused on  RingCentral Contact Center.

RingCentral Director of Solutions Engineering, Josh Davis, led the Level 1 training group through an overview of the topology of the RingCentral cloud and how it connects to the customers network, explaining how architectural components like Session Border Controllers ensure secure and reliable connections for call sessions. Much of the information he shared is readily available through the portal, but he made sure to highlight critical documents like the  Network Requirements and Recommendations Knowledge Base article. This is the bible for RingCentralif you follow these guidelines, youre going to have a successful rollout, he said.

Davis also pointed to as a resource for getting not only overall status of the RingCentral cloud but a custom view keyed to a specific phone number. If you have any issues, thats a good place to start, he said.

He also provided tips on the most likely causes of complaints. For example, if someone complains about static on the line, that is most likely the result of an electrical issue like a frayed headset cord or electromagnetic interference. Other issues like voice distortion are more likely to be related to network congestion or insufficient bandwidth.

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