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ConnectCentral 2017 Day 2: Proving the Value of Collaborative Communications

By  David Carr  

For years, a big part of the RingCentral story has been moving business communications to the cloud and in particular about eliminating the need for traditional office phone system hardware. In his opening keynote at the RingCentral ConnectCentral 2017, CEO, Founder, and Chairman of the Board  Vlad Shmunis was ready to declare victory on that score and explain how RingCentral is moving on to bigger ambitions.

We are not just about replacing PBX-es, he said, referring to the private branch exchange boxes steadily disappearing from wiring closets across the world. Were about collaborative communications. Thats a broader vision about using communications technologies purposefully to enable workplace collaboration of all sorts, where people and the ways they work together rather than technology are at the center of the equation.

By embracing a broader suite of communications and collaboration capabilities, RingCentral customers not only make their organizations more productive but also save substantial money by eliminating redundant applications, for example by replacing their subscriptions to other online meeting services with RingCentral Meetings, a powerful video conferencing and screen sharing tool included with RingCentral Office. In the same way, they can replace a standalone team messaging product like Slack with Glip. Combined, these tools allow the employees of an organization to move smoothly from team messaging, to calling, to video meetings. They can have instant access to everyone in the company, by whatever means of communication makes the most sense for the job at hand through an interactive directory that is always up to date.

That leaves legacy technology providers who have yet to completely transition away from older models of shipping hardware and developing software in the dust, Shmunis said, getting a laugh with his quip (attributed to a customer) that you guys can deploy in the time it takes Avaya to quote.

The rest of the day might be summed up as a series of proof points communications and collaboration in the cloud makes a big difference, with the evidence coming even more from the customers speaking at the show than from any RingCentral executive.

Here are just a few of the great stories told throughout the day.

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