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RingCentral Expands Google Integration to Include Native Gmail

 By  Sangeeta Walsh

At RingCentral, we are constantly striving to bring people closer together and streamline the way you work. One way we do this is by ensuring that all of your favorite applications work in harmony with your RingCentral cloud communications and collaboration solution. Thats why were excited to announce our native integration within Gmail.

What does this mean for Gmail users?

RingCentral for Gmail makes communicating with email easier. Users can transform their Gmail application, whether they are on their desktop, smartphone, or tablet, into a powerful tool that surfaces contextual information within an email. Its now possible to access and message your contacts within the context of your email conversations, especially remotely.

How does RingCentral for Gmail work?

RingCentral for Gmail is an add-on found in the G Suite Marketplace that improves the users experience by intuitively displaying key information within Gmail message threads. Once the add-on is installed, users can see the online/offline status of RingCentral contacts, review recent call history, make outbound calls (requires RingCentral Mobile), and view and send SMS messagesall within an email.

We are excited to strengthen our partnership with Google Cloud by extending our current integration points across the Google Cloud ecosystem. Other current features of RingCentral for Google Cloud include ability to make audio calls from within the Chrome browser, using Google account credentials for Single Sign-on, and even sending faxes from Google Docs. These capabilities, along with RingCentral for Gmail, are designed with the user in mind and to help drive personal as well as organizational productivity.

RingCentral for Gmail is available now for all RingCentral users. Click  here to find out more and download the integration.

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This is pretty cool and I played with it yesterday.  One problem that took me some time with Google support to figure out is that if you happen to be the super admin for your GSuite account you cannot install this (or any) of the new add-ons.  It does work fine for users though.  
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G Suite super admins are currently unable to install Gmail add-ons. Unlike other G Suite Marketplace applications, Gmail Add-ons can not yet be installed by the admin for the entire domain. A consequence of this is that Gmail Add-ons cannot be installed by admins of any domain, since admins can only install for the entire domain, not just for themselves. G Suite end users can continue to install add-ons. We hope to have this limitation addressed in the near future.
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The latest from Google:

Google Engineering has released a fix to underlying issue that was required for the Add-ons Install button to be enabled for domain administrators. Unfortunately due to holiday season being very close, the Google Engineering has made a decision to postpone the launch of Install button for domain administrators until the week of January 8th, to allow for more testing, ensuring that the release won't cause further issues. Please keep in mind that this ETA can be subject to change.

Thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue. We will provide next update by Friday, January 5th 2018.
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At last ;)

Google Engineering has fixed the issue with domain-wide installation of Gmail Add-ons. As a result, the "Install" button is now enabled for super administrators of the domains.
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