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PC Magazine Chooses RingCentral for their Editor's Choice

Thank you so much PC Magazine for choosing  RingCentral as your  Editors Choice for Video Conferencing and Business VoIP services

We feel that PC Mag did a great job walking new customers through setting up their RingCentral Account. We love seeing our customers share their knowledge by creating amazing tutorials. PC Mag touches on subjects such as:

1) Call Recording: On-demand vs. Automatic Call Recording, Recording your Calls from your softphone/deskphone, Set your Call Recording Announcement, Assign Automatic Call Recording to specific members, and overview of Call Monitoring

2) Transferring Calls: Blind vs. Warm transfer, Transfer straight to Voicemail, Transferring to an outside line, Add Multiple Callers to a call, and overview of Conference Calling 

3) Setting up a New Phone

4) Auto-Receptionist Settings: Overview of Business Hours, IVR Settings, Dial-by-name Directory, Call Recording, Setting up Regional Settings

5) Faxing: Overview of User Fax Settings, How to Send/Receive Faxes

6) Contacting Support
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