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3/2/18: Issues Logging into Desktop Application (RESOLVED - 1:28 pm MT)

We have had a few reports of customers not being able to sign into the Desktop Application or receiving a Bad Gateway Error. We are investigating it and will provide updates as they become available.

We also are seeing people having issues opening cases, calling our Support Line, and not being able to join/start RingCentral Meetings and our Conferencing Bridge.
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robert-jerina115 avatar image robert-jerina115 commented ·
Confirmed. Just opened a case for this. 06858232

We're down across the entire company.

It also disconnected some Meetings already in progress.
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maggie-harlow avatar image maggie-harlow robert-jerina115 commented ·
Freaking out right now. Have scheduled calls through the entire day. Losing business for sure ;~(

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office123456 avatar image office123456 commented ·
Thanks.  I am one of those customers. 

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maggie-harlow avatar image maggie-harlow office123456 commented ·
Not good way to start Friday with scheduled call all day...........
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filip-swiderski6630 avatar image filip-swiderski6630 commented ·
All the phones are dead in addition to apps etc. here in NYC.
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shane-litwiler-301 avatar image shane-litwiler-301 commented ·
I'm in Ohio we're also down. I'm on hold (for 28mins) waiting to open a case.
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jessi9098 avatar image jessi9098 shane-litwiler-301 commented ·
I did too and got off...being on the phone is no good.  I left voice mail for my account manager
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maggie-harlow avatar image maggie-harlow shane-litwiler-301 commented ·
57 minutes so I am ahead of you.. lol
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jessi9098 avatar image jessi9098 shane-litwiler-301 commented ·
I had to hang up, I don't think they are taking calls honestly

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david-parent3461 avatar image david-parent3461 commented ·
We lost our audio bridge in the middle of a company-wide meeting.. bad news! Can't even dial into the RC support number at this time.
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maggie-harlow avatar image maggie-harlow david-parent3461 commented ·
same in Florida
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