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Updating Company Shortcut icons in your Online Account

As a part of the May Feature Release we are updating the "Company Shortcuts" icons in the administrator's Phone System overview page in your online account ( 

There are no functionality changes, this update is only a look and feel update available in mid-late May. Preview the change below. 

New Phone System Overview Page

Current Phone System Overview Page

Preview all of the changes coming with the May Feature Release
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Sorry but no. The new icons are much harder to see and recognize with such reduction in contrast. This is a step backwards. Larger icons with larger text and more colorful would have been better, as well as more modern in keeping with latest UI styles. The single outline circle and use of lines adds clutter and makes it look more busy. 
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andrew2014 avatar image andrew2014 chaseholden9836 commented ·
They are better than the existing ones to me, but I agree they don't seem up to latest in UI best practices.
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janelle-anderson avatar image janelle-anderson commented ·
Not feeling it. Don't fix what isn't broken.
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