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September Feature Release Preview

Our next release of new features and upgrades is scheduled to start mid-August. See below for a preview of whats new and register for our live  Feature Release webinar on August 9, at 1 p.m. PT | 4 p.m. ET, to learn more.
Introducing the new RingCentral app        
Weve made it easier to work your way, anywhere and on any device. Soon you will be able to access your favorite RingCentral features using one consolidated app. We combined what you love about RingCentral Phone and Glip into a convenient, single user experience. 

Starting the week of August 13, the Glip mobile and desktop apps will be renamed RingCentral and include the core telephony features currently available in the RingCentral Phone. The RingCentral app will be your single place to:
  • Call with enterprise-grade reliability, quality of service, and unified busy status when on a call or in a meeting.
  • Message and collaborate with file sharing, task management, shared calendars, and more.
  • Meet with a single click to launch the RingCentral Meetings integration.
Once the rollout begins, we will automatically push an app refresh to current Glip users. After the refresh, users will see the new RingCentral app name, app icon, and calling capabilities.        
Available for RingCentral customers mid-August.        

RingCentral Meetings updates        
  • No-download web client: Allow guests to join, view and listen in on a RingCentral Meeting from a web browser without downloading the Meetings App. A dial-in option is available if participants would like to speak during the meeting.
  • Presence update: Your RingCentral Office presence will now reflect when you are on a phone call or in a RingCentral Meeting by displaying your status as busy.
  • Company and user-level settings: Adding 40+ setting options for scheduling, audio and dial-in, in-meeting functions, recording options, and RingCentral Rooms. Both administrators and end users can access settings controls.
  • RingCentral Rooms
    • Scheduling Display: New ability to place a second iPad outside a conference room to display room availability and scheduling options.
    • Digital Signage: Allows you to display an image or website as a screen saver on the conference room monitor when a meeting is not in progress. 
    • Android Rooms controller: Android tablets support coming soon.
  • Additional updates: Select dial-in country when scheduling, meeting time elapsed display, emojis in chat and as a presence indicator, and more.
Available for RingCentral customers mid-September.        

New administrative tool: Audit Trail   
System administrators can track account changes in their online account using the new Audit Trail feature. With Audit Trail, administrators have a centralized place to access, review and search phone system and user change logs, giving additional insights to solve configuration and user issues and track changes by other admins.
Available for RingCentral customers late-August.        

Integration updates        
  • RingCentral Embeddable: The RingCentral Embeddable widget allows you to extend loading custom contacts, creating conference call invites, and logging calls in third-party apps.
  • Message Retention APIs: With RingCentral Office PremiumTM and UltimateTM administrators can read and delete messages via our Message Retention API, to ensure compliance and for retention use cases.
  • RingCentral for Zendesk: Updates include: incoming calls will automatically open the matching client record and create new Zendesk case; click-to-dial numbers within Zendesk; a more intuitive user experience for making and receiving RingCentral calls.
  • RingCentral Archiver for Box: Soon users will be able to easily archive essential content directly to Box through RingCentral Archiver--included with RingCentral Office Premium and Ultimate. 
Visit the  App Gallery  to see all the available integrations for your RingCentral service.        
Available for RingCentral customers late-August.        

Additional updates        
  • Global Office updates: Expanded international support is coming with Global Office service in Croatia and Hungary; expanded global device provisioning and shipping for Cisco 7841 and 8861, and Yealink T42 and T46; and language support in RingCentral Meetings for Japanese and Brazilian Portuguese. 
  • User interface improvements: Improved tabs and page layout simplify your experience when managing Call Queues settings, Rule Validation support, and Paging-Only devices.
  • Polycom device video calling: Users with supported Polycom devices will be able to make internal extension-to-extension calls with video.
  • Hot desk no timeout setting: Additional admin setting will allow users to stay logged in indefinitely until physically logged out. 
  • Delete call log records: Reinstating the feature to delete individual call log records in the RingCentral Phone desktop app.
  • Kerberos support on Windows: Companies who use Kerberos network authentication protocol will be able to log in to RingCentral using their SSO.
  • RingCentral Contact Center: We recently added new enhancements to RingCentral Contact Center, including Max Agent desktop workspace optimization, enhanced menu and chat reporting, and more.
Available for RingCentral customers mid-September.              

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Register here to take advantage of our summer deal pricing. 

To learn more about these features added to your account attend upcoming Feature Release Webinar on August 9, at 1 p.m. PST | 4 p.m. EST to learn more and participate in live Q&A.  Register now
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chris-duquette4018 avatar image chris-duquette4018 commented ·
when it says the ringcentral phone and glip will be renamed, does that mean i will not need both apps on my phone on my mobile device?
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mike avatar image mike chris-duquette4018 commented ·
Hi Chris.... great question.  I'd like to say "yes" but maybe not for everybody.  Although many of the core features are being rolled into a single app, it will take some time for all the functionality to get integrated. However,  I think most people will find that after this release the single RingCentral (FKA Glip) app will be sufficient.  

We'd love to have your feedback once it's pushed out!  

I've personally been using the Glip app for several months. Even with the most basic telephony functions, it works for just about everything.  I still open up the old app once in a while to send faxes. 

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chris-duquette4018 avatar image chris-duquette4018 chris-duquette4018 commented ·
i have my calls being handled by my glip app. it is handy to not have to switch between apps on my iphone so hopefully this will further make the glip aka new RC app all that much better.
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jacob-stimpson12337 avatar image jacob-stimpson12337 chris-duquette4018 commented ·
Will we have the ability to disable glip functionality?  Currently we only install the softphone and don't give our users access to glip. 
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ericnixmd10364 avatar image ericnixmd10364 commented ·
Please tell me that the new app will allow you to select another ringtone.
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chris-duquette4018 avatar image chris-duquette4018 ericnixmd10364 commented ·
**crossing fingers **
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 ericnixmd10364 commented ·
Hey ericnixmd, not at this time :( I have brought it up to our Product Team and am hoping they will add it soon because it is needed!
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firefishmike12803 avatar image firefishmike12803 commented ·
You guys forgot to add  RECORDING TO CLOUD to enable RingCentral Meetings to be recorded either locally or in the cloud.  Zoom does an excellent job at this now; I can't imagine it would be difficult to add considering you guys are white-labeling Zoom.
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mark-chinsky14028 avatar image mark-chinsky14028 firefishmike12803 commented ·
Natalie,  Just came across this thread today (5/23/19).  I see setup questions regarding cloud recordings in RingCentral Meeting settings at the user level.  Does that mean this feature is finally available?  If it is, how do we enable?

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natalie-carboni2307 avatar image natalie-carboni2307 firefishmike12803 commented ·
Hi Michael, 
Unfortunately, RingCentral Meetings recording to the cloud is not in the upcoming release. Our teams are working towards delivering this feature. Please stay tuned in the coming months. 
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carl-mccauley avatar image carl-mccauley firefishmike12803 commented ·
This is definitely a needed feature.  We still use Zoom instead of RingCentral Meetings primary for the Recording to Cloud and the no-download web client.  With the no-download web client being released in Sept, this leaves the Recording to Cloud as the main feature still missing...
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ryan-lynch9492 avatar image ryan-lynch9492 commented ·
When will the new feature release include many of the feature requests which have been asked for in this forum? SMS logging?? Ring order control for desk phones? Why are you not listening to your customer base? 
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 ryan-lynch9492 commented ·

Hey Ryan,

I completely hear you and understand your frustrations and worries! Its true that our Product Team has not released some of the top requests that are here on the Community. However, my team is working on changing this and were really excited about it! Collaboration and communication is very important and, unfortunately, it has been lacking internally. But with some great people on my team and the Product Team, were really making strides towards showing how important the feedback we receive on the Community is and how it can immensely benefit new and current customers.Your thoughts are important to us! Without all of you, RingCentral would not be where its at right now. So we cant thank you enough! We truly hope to get the top most voted feature requests on the Community onto the roadmap and then implemented its at the top of this teams priority list (among other really exciting things). I know you all have been waiting years for some things...we ask that you all bear with us just a little longer as we get this ironed out internally and prove to you all that we are listening and care.
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torri8283 avatar image torri8283 commented ·
It says that  RingCentral Meetings guests will no longer have to download a web client, however, they are still required to do so when we send them invitations. Is there any settings we have to change? Why isn't this working?
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