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Changes to our "Champions" program.

What is a Champion ?
  • Brand Advocate
  • Most Loyal Customers &Partners
  • Most Helpful CommunityUsers
  • RingCentral Product Experts
  • Upholds CommunityGuidelines

What is changing?  

In the past our Champions badge was reserved specifically for our Channel Partners who have demonstrated strong product knowledge and willingness to help other users on the forums. 

We've recognize the fact that we have many other Community members that have also demonstrated superior product knowledge, act as an advocate and frequently help others on the Community. We value your contributions and want to recognize each of you.  In the coming days & weeks, several Community members will soon be awarded the Champions badge. 

Why was I promoted to a Champion? 

For a specific, or variety of reasons, our Community Moderators have found that you've added some level value to the forums.  Although we do look at points earned on the Community, champions are selected by Community moderators based on a variety of things including, (but not limited to): number of posts, professionalism, number of "likes" received, quality and/or quantity of feature requests, frequency of use, account size (small, medium and large), and more. This status can be added or removed at any time based on the discretion of the Community Manager. 

What's the benefit of being a Champion? 

The RingCentral Community Team, conducts a monthly awards program in which we identify the most helpful Community members each month and occasionally send out Amazon gift cards, company schwag and occasionally offer other prizes and awards. 

All Champions are encouraged to uphold the Community Guidelines.  All Community members are required to abide by the Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.   This Community  was created to provide a healthy environment for support, the sharing of best practices and engaging with others connected with RingCentral
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david-parent3461 avatar image david-parent3461 commented ·
Awesome News !! Glad to be a part of the community.
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mike avatar image mike commented ·
"Champions!   Also, please keep an eye out for an email invitation to a Champions Only Glip room. 
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chris-duquette4018 avatar image chris-duquette4018 mike commented ·
i love me some glip
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cglassy3135 avatar image cglassy3135 commented ·
Iformation and knowledge sharing is a rising tide that floats all boats higher. We all work towards making RingCentral easy to use for everyone! Thanks for including me!
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mike avatar image mike cglassy3135 commented ·
We appreciate your participation on the Community Cecile!   Well deserved!!!  :) 

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mike avatar image mike commented ·
Champions,  I just want to get the word out that we'll be having a few drawings at the ConnectCentral conference.  For those of you that register with code CC18-CHAMPIONS, you'll automatically be included in the drawing!  

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mike avatar image mike commented ·
We'll pull a list of all registrants and match it to our Community Champion list. 

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