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Introducing the RingCentral Application

Your single place to call, message, and collaborate! 

Weve made it easier to work the way you want to work, anywhere and on any device. Soon you will be able to access your favorite RingCentral features using one consolidated app. We combined what you love about RingCentral Phone and Glip into a convenient, single user experience.

Later this week, the Glip app will be renamed to the RingCentral app and will have a new icon. The app icon and name change will rollout for iOS and Android mobile apps and web client on August 16th followed by the desktop app on August 17th.

Over the next few weeks, RingCentral Office customers will gain the ability to call, message and collaborate straight from the app. Dont worry - once youre in the app, everything will look the same. Well be in touch when your account is updated.

For free users, the app will continue to function the same.

**If your application icon in the tray doesn't update with the latest RingCentral icon, try undocking it from the tray and then relaunching the app.** 

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brian-gagnon10497 avatar image brian-gagnon10497 commented ·
This is probably the worst naming.  Really guys?? Before we Glipped (and before that we Slacked). 
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josh-nitz10835 avatar image josh-nitz10835 brian-gagnon10497 commented ·
Could not agree more. "Glip me" has become a frequently used phrase in my office. I will never say "RingCentral me". This is an oversimplification.
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cate-bloom11292 avatar image cate-bloom11292 brian-gagnon10497 commented ·
I agree with the lingo being used within convos - likely won't change or you can just change from GLIP me to RC me... 
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plummer avatar image plummer brian-gagnon10497 commented ·
there is an expression " change is often needed but seldom welcome" Wow I think this is awesome. for all users new or old using one application is better than two. for all new users ,prospects and customers alike it will be much easier and flow seamlessly . After 30 day on new Platform I think there will be unanimous embrace of the new application  
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gen1 avatar image gen1 commented ·
Worst decision ever.... Glip is a cool catchy name.  'Ring Central Application' is just awful.  
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luis-sanchez10504 avatar image luis-sanchez10504 commented ·
What I'm curious about is the current Phone integration that Glip already has.  Is this just a rebranding of Glip with no new features?  Or will there be feature improvements added in this release? 

Features that Phone has that Glip does not have...
  1. The most obvious is the HUD.
  2. All the call control features while on an active call. 
  3. Ability the SMS Message and Fax
This is just to name a few. I hope this new "RingCentral Application" will have all these features. 
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brian-engert4691 avatar image brian-engert4691 luis-sanchez10504 commented ·
Based on what they said during the webinar last week there will be no new features with this release it's only rebranding.  They did say hud was on the roadmap but they didn't provide any dates.  Glip can currently send sms and mms and has had sms since it got the ability to call outside numbers.  I didn't get a direct answer about sending faxes but I hope that is also on the roadmap as it seems like it should be a fairly small change.
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 luis-sanchez10504 commented ·
Hey Luis,

Brian, is correct, the app does already offer SMS capabilities :) Faxing and HUD are on the near roadmap, but I haven't been given an exact ETA yet. We know how important these features are to you guys!
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natasha-parker7073 avatar image natasha-parker7073 luis-sanchez10504 commented ·
I'm looking forward to the truly integrated app and welcome change for the better, but I agree with Luis. We shared some direct feedback with the Glip team regarding RC Phone app functionality missing from the combined app, which included the first two items Luis mentioned.  It also included items such as being able to create contacts (so SMS conversations in Glip don't show as just the phone number) and the ability to have incoming calls pop to the front.  

I've created ideas on here for some of these items so please vote for these if you'd find them helpful too.
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michael-kirkpatrick avatar image michael-kirkpatrick commented ·
It is what it is.  You guys will get used to it like I will.  Glip or RC me is just fine.  I honestly don't care as long as it is easy to find what you want.

No sense in whining about the change.  Embrace it.  Besides regardless how much we hoot and holler about it, it won't change their decision to merge the apps.

Remember, change is good!
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nelson-ruiz11339 avatar image nelson-ruiz11339 michael-kirkpatrick commented ·
... and this is why the New Coke became the Old Coke. User have the right to express their voice and even reject the new product. Without users, I wonder if anyone will care what it is named. Many brands have died because they did not gather proper customer feedback.
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david-fish11296 avatar image david-fish11296 commented ·
How about Gring

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leigh-douglass11297 avatar image leigh-douglass11297 david-fish11296 commented ·
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dave341 avatar image dave341 david-fish11296 commented ·
I Like GRing...  
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