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9/19/18 - IMPORTANT - All Activity from Yesterday has been Lost & You May be Receiving Emails from Other Communities

Hello Everyone,

Some of you may recall my below post from yesterday. Unfortunately, it would seem that the issue our vendor experienced was quite severe and resulted in lost activity on the Community :(

This means that any new Post or Comment made on a thread is no longer visible - including my own. I'm really sorry about this. Fingers crossed that this issue will not present itself again.

It has also come to my attention that other members of our Community have been receiving emails from other Communities that they are clearly not a part of. I have opened a ticket with our vendor and hope to hear something about this soon.
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Thanks for posting this.  I was researching what was going on with GetSatisfaction and all the odd notifications yesterday.  Now I know it was not just me.
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I was wondering why I was getting GetSatisfaction notifications in my email when I am not a part of that and am not sure what it is. 

Saadet, I am grateful for your service to our RingCentral community!!
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Aw, thanks Lisa!
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I was receiving emails from other communities also. I think I inadvertently setup a Get Satisfaction account yesterday. In one of the emails I clicked on the unsubscribe link, went in and clicked the close Profile button and now I am only getting notifications for ring central.
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