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Community Spamming

Hello Community Members,

I sincerely apologize for the many of you who have been receiving odd emails. Currently our Community is being spammed by an individual(s) that continuously creates new profiles and posts. I am taking every step necessary and I ask that you bear with me during this process. Thank you!
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We have made an update to our login. We will now only accept your RingCentral credentials, as opposed to a generic email address. 
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This is great, and it will improve the quality of the posts here - sorry this SPAMbotnet is what forced the issue. We are dealing with the same series of spambot pounding at our organization. Though the attack being repelled at our boundary router it has not gotten through to our mail system.
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Thank you, Saadet!! I was just about to see what was going on with that. We all appreciate you!
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Thanks, Lisa!
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