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Help us Name a New Feature

Hey Everyone!

We need your help to name a new feature on the RingCentral messaging (Glip) app. This feature is on the contact screen of the app. It allows you to add a row of frequently accessed contacts across the top of your contact list. You can view images of these screens in the survey. Complete this 3 question survey and help us name this feature.

Thank you!
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How about adding basic, true speed dial capability so we don't have to pay $2000 a month for 100+ "users" in order to mimic the missing speed dial functionality. Was completely baffled when told (after signing the contract, of course) that speed dialing was NOT a feature of RingCentral (one of many untruths told to us by the sales team). Because we absolutely need speed dial capability, RingCentral's solution was that we have to pay for 100 dummy users (at $20 a pop) and enable forwarding on the 4-digit extension.
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