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Triumph Motorcycles America Case Study

Check out how Triumph Motorcycles America found the adaptive phone system its staff needed by reading their case study. 

Triumph is an iconic brand, and youve seen their products many times. Hollywood movies from The Great Escape to Jurassic World have featured stars riding Triumph motorcycles. Celebrities like Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley have been pictured on them. And stuntman Evel Knievel made his world-famous jump at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on a Triumph.

The iconic bikes became so popular in the US that in 1994 the UK-based Triumph Motorcycles launched Triumph Motorcycles America Ltd. Thanks in large part to this subsidiary, today Triumph is one of the fastest-growing motorcycle brands in the US. The Atlanta-based company has grown so rapidly that recently it began looking into upgrading its communications system.

Rapid growth triggers the search for a better business communications platform

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