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Community Feedback

Hi Everyone!

Big changes are coming :) We've outgrown the current platform and are moving to a new Community Platform this year!

So what does that mean for you? Well, that's all still in development ;) Which is why I'm posting today. We want your feedback! This is YOUR community and we want to know what is working, what could be made better, and other things you'd like to see. We've put together a survey where you can share your thoughts.

 As we get closer to the changeover, we'll provide updates and most likely even offer up a beta. You'll get a sneak peek into the new Community's construction and test some things out before it goes live.

We're super excited for this change and hope you are as well :) I look forward to reading your feedback!
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scott-swanson7789 avatar image scott-swanson7789 commented ·
It would be great to see some kind of status implementation.  Until now we're told to vote on things, "that's the way features get implemented", but there are ideas with hundreds of votes that have been live for years with seemingly no updates.  Hope the new platform helps with communication in that way!
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 scott-swanson7789 commented ·
Thanks for your feedback, Scott! Don't forget to fill out the survey, too ;)
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mike-gustavson13338 avatar image mike-gustavson13338 scott-swanson7789 commented ·
This is really the only thing that matters. It's the key item that seems to be ignored on this forum, with no clarity around the value/purpose of voting on items, or whether/when that translates to a roadmap.
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nila16329 avatar image nila16329 commented ·
I would find it helpful if in the call log there was an indication of what calling region a call was made to. This way, each month I do not have to look up each call, although it is  a little faster since I have memorized some of them.  It would also be great for the minutes we purchased are included in the call detail. There is not a month that goes by where I have not reached my purchased minutes maximum yet I get charged for calling in that region anyway. It takes a long time to sort through all those calls to audit them.  Also to be able to sort on international calls would be helpful too! This way I do not have to manually pull the non-international calls from my report.
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 nila16329 commented ·
Hey Nila! Please post a Feature Request :)
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mike-gustavson13338 avatar image mike-gustavson13338 commented ·
Saadet - I completed the Survey, but note that question 7 has no option for 'none' and is a mandatory question. That should be adjusted, thanks.
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 mike-gustavson13338 commented ·
Noted, Mike. Thanks for the feedback!
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rickkee6997 avatar image rickkee6997 commented ·
Why ask about suggestions if you have already selected another platform and in the process of implementing it?  I guess you will  get enough user input once you stand it up.  Never did like GetSatisfaction portal.
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saadetswift16514 avatar image saadetswift16514 rickkee6997 commented ·
Hi Rickkee, we want our User's feedback so we can best set up the new Community to suit their needs. The new platform has a lot to offer so we want to know how we can leverage the features :)
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rickkee6997 avatar image rickkee6997 rickkee6997 commented ·
That's great, what platform?  Glip, I'll betcha.  The only other one worth considering is PHPBB, seems to work for everyone else <grin>
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jb-ferguson avatar image jb-ferguson rickkee6997 commented ·
PhpBB is an on-line bulletin board. Definitely not good for a community forum. No way to classify and archive posts. Besides, it is the most hacked out of all the bulletin board offerings. 
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