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Webinars | Host a Meeting with RC Rooms & Troubleshooting for Helpdesk Agents

Hi there!


Below are detailsabout this week's webinars hosted by RingCentral University :)


On  May 21st @ 9am PT | 12pm ET, RCU will be walking you through how to scheduleand host a Meeting via RingCentral Rooms. If you've always wanted to learnabout RC Rooms, here's your chance! Don't miss out :) Register  HERE for the 30 min webinar.


RCU wants everyone to be successful and knowledgeable! On  May 22nd @ 9am PT | 12pm ET, they  will walk RingCentral Admins through troubleshooting some common scenarios that yourself and your Users may experience. Register for the 60 min webinar HERE.
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