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RingCentral App for Desktop is here!

Hey, RingCentral Community members!

Were so excited to announce our new RingCentral app for desktop. Our product team has re-built our RingCentral app for desktop with a modern design, enhanced search capabilities, improved speed, and so much more. 

You can access the unified app for team messages, video meetings, and phone calls now.

Give it a try from your browser.

Use your existing RingCentral credentials
(make sure to close out of the old app to avoid duplicate notifications).
Note: Desktop download will be available on May 8th and can be found here.

Take a look at some of the great new benefits youll get with the new RingCentral app for desktop: 

Theres no rush! If now isnt the right time, you can continue using your existing desktop app (soon to be renamed RingCentral Classic) for a while longer. The existing app will be supported until at least the end of this year and we wont begin to transition you to the new desktop app until later this summer. Also, dont worry, well send you reminders and offer support when you transition your team to the new app. Theres more good stuff coming with the new RingCentral app -- like contacts integration with Office 365 and Google. Stay tuned!

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to share them in the comments below. We will be sure to have our team ready to help address any questions you may have. And, as a friendly reminder, we ask that you operate with good intentions and use good judgment in this thread.

Helpful information on the RingCentral app for desktop
How-to videos on RingCentral app for desktop

Were excited about the new RingCentral app for desktop and hope you are too!

RC App Desktop FAQ

Q: What is the new RingCentral desktop app?

A: This is our new flagship desktop app which has been rebuilt with your user experience in mind. Its fast, easy to use, and simple to navigate. Its your single place for all communications   team messages, video meetings, and phone calls. 

Q:  Are there any costs that I need to be aware of?

A: No. The app is free and available for all RingCentral customers to download.

Q: Will there also be a new RingCentral mobile app?

A: The current RingCentral mobile app has already been designed to deliver a unified experience, so no updates are needed. 

Q: What improvements have been made in the new desktop app? 

A: With the new desktop app, users can expect the following:

  • Approximately 4x faster search functionality

  • 64% faster when switching between conversations 

  • 34% speed increase in document upload and preview

  • 20% improvement in sign in time (from app launch to message)

Q: How do I move over to the new RingCentral desktop app?

A: The new RingCentral desktop app will be available for download on our Support site starting May 8th. 

If youd like to install the new RingCentral desktop app, please first uninstall the old desktop app or update it to version 20.2.20.
You can find a Migration Guide for Admins here.

Q: Will the new RingCentral Desktop app work for both RingCentral Meetings and RingCentral Video?

A: Yes. Regardless of what video service the customer has, the new desktop app will support both.

Q: What is the plan for sunsetting the old RingCentral desktop app (RingCentral Classic)?

A: The old desktop app (RingCentral Classic) will be supported until at least the end of 2020, however, no new developments will be made.

Q: Will the new RingCentral desktop app replace the RC Phone desktop app?

A: Eventually yes, when HUD is available in the new RC desktop app, which is planned for early 2021.

Q: What does this mean for plans to sunset our separate business apps including RC Phone desktop? 

A: As announced back in May 2019, the plan to retire our separate mobile apps is already underway. With the introduction of our new desktop app, we will soon begin the process of retiring our separate desktop apps as well once we close all feature gaps. There are no clear timelines to retire RC Phone desktop and RC Meetings desktop at the moment but well be sure to let you know before the process starts.

Q: Where do I learn more about this new app and get help?

A: Visit our microsite or reach out to your account manager directly to learn more.

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chris-abram1 avatar image chris-abram1 commented ·
I was just informed there isn't a team event calendar in the new desktop app...we have hundreds of teams and need the calendar to see events for the day, week and month.  Is this something in the works?  How long is the classic version available for?  Tech support is no
 help with an answer.  They are saying to scroll through every team and look for an event.  That is not a solution...
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arthur-ng12296 avatar image arthur-ng12296 commented ·
Hi Chris,

A variant of the team calendar will be ready in Q3, 2020. 

For Classic it will be available to switch to until the end of the year. (Tentatively)

Otherwise you are free to connect your O365 / Google calendar to the app and it should appear within the app. 
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mark-blake avatar image mark-blake arthur-ng12296 commented ·
a variant?   I do hope you mean it will be Calender and Tasks built in.  Not every business in the world uses Outlook or Google for these services.     The main reason we switched to using Glip was becuase it included Calendars and Tasks.
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lance-lippman avatar image lance-lippman arthur-ng12296 commented ·
Same here.  Why not roll this new app out until AT LEAST all the features from the old app are included.  This just is a bad look for no reason...
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adam-kentrop avatar image adam-kentrop commented ·
Is the option to disable Glip messaging going to be made available at all? I've been told this morning by UK support that 6 months after it was announced as going live, it's not available to them, and has never been made available to them.

Might as well just pull the app off of Intune, and push out the "old and useless" separate apps, as there's no point in me forcing them to use the new one.
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Becky Hensley avatar image Becky Hensley ♦♦ adam-kentrop commented ·
Adam, I responded to your other post. 
Please reach out, as this functionality is in place at this time and we'd like to help.
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mark-m13333 avatar image mark-m13333 commented ·
Will the new "App" be available as a standalone application? Keeping a browser tab always open for chat is not a great solution. 
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Becky Hensley avatar image Becky Hensley ♦♦ mark-m13333 commented ·
Yes, Mark - we mention up above that the app will be available for download on May 8th here.  
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damon-vo avatar image damon-vo mark-m13333 commented ·
Does this "desktop app" work in the Terminal Server environment?
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Becky Hensley avatar image Becky Hensley ♦♦ mark-m13333 commented ·
Damon, it does not. 
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erica-c avatar image erica-c commented ·
Overall, it's nice so far. But I can't find any way to change the color / theme like the old one had. Which I prefer it to be a darker purple. This all white is very hard on the eyes and the two columns being one color makes it hard to really distinguish and see new messages. Any chance you're going to bring back the themes or at least an option to alter the colors a bit?
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Becky Hensley avatar image Becky Hensley ♦♦ erica-c commented ·
Thanks for sharing your feedback! We're still working on themes and don't have a set date. However, we are focused on making Dark Mode accessible - shooting for Q4. 

Obviously, we want you to be using the new Desktop so you can continue to give us feedback, but we understand if you want to use your darker purple theme. 

Keep us in the loop no matter what you decide. 
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