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Join PM Arthur via Webinar Introduction to the RC App!

Have questions about transitioning to the new Unified RC App? Want to get more information about features, new and old?

Well, now is the time to get those answers. Learn general navigation tips, hear about new features and much more! 

Join Product Manager Arthur, as he hosts an informative webinar on the new RC App.

Submit your questions here, and have them answered LIVE during the webinar. 

Register for this community & product collaboration via the link:

We cant wait to see you there! 

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Bumping this thread! We're really excited to have Arthur join us for a webinar and hope that you will consider submitting your questions and join us as well!
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Bumping this one more time because Arthur is great and there is always new and interesting stuff to learn!

Also, stay tuned, as we'll be doing more things like this moving forward with our Product Team partners. 

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Friends, we're having a technical issue with our webinar. 
We will reschedule and apologize for the inconvenience. 
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