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About testing your App during development

Before you bring your app integration with RingCentral to production, you will probably want to test it. RingCentral provides developers with a Sandbox environment for testing their integrations. In order to use it, you will need a Sandbox Account, which is just like a regular RingCentral Account, but it is used for testing purposes.

You can find your Sandbox Account credentials by following  here. RingCentral Sandbox Accounts use real telephone numbers, this is why we only allow one Sandbox Account per developer organization.

To configure your Sandbox Account (i.e. create extra extensions, add telephone numbers, etc.), please use the Sandbox version of our servise web site: (and use your Sandbox credentials to log in).

In order to send API in the sandbox environment (, requests towards Sandbox environment, you will need to  authenticate using:
  • Sandbox Account Main Company Number as a username (in 1xxxxxxxxxx format)
  • Sandbox Account password, which had been sent to the developer who had initially created the account
  • Sandbox Application Key and Secret, which can be found on your apps basic information page: see here

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Good information.
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