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How do I remove a forwarded number from my account?

I have been trying for months to get this resolved. My Ring Central toll free number receives 4-5 faxes on average daily from various medical providers around the country trying to contact a pharmaceutical insurance/pre-authorization service (not what we do). The number they are trying to reach (on the fax covers) is one digit different than my Ring Central number. From what I have been told before by Ring Central, the insurance/pre-authorization service apparently used to own my number as well, and that the problem is on their end as they are having faxes auto-forwarded from the number ending in 0 to my number ending in 6. I have tried numerous times to contact the insurance/pre-authorization service to get them to fix this, but each time my complaints go unanswered or I am given the run-around. They are totally indifferent about it. What they don't realize (as I have pointed out to them) is that I am receiving HIPPA protected information each day that should not be coming my way and patients/doctors are not getting through to them, but yet the service fails to see the importance and urgency of getting this fixed. I have filed a complaint against them with the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, but we all know how slow the government can be. I have promptly notified these medical providers each time of the error, blocked their number (at Ring Central's suggestion previously), and destroyed the faxes received. But now it is getting to be a burden to handle. I cannot change the toll free number as I already have a substantial investment in it and the marketing materials imprinted with such, and I consider it part of my company's good will. Does anyone know of a backdoor way I can get the number ending in 0 removed from my number's (ending in 6) auto-forward feature?
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