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Can I setup calls to go directly to voicemail?

Is there a way on the Cisco phone SPA525G to transfer a caller directly to voice mail or does it have to go thru the allotted number of rings before voice mail picks up?
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Holly Nadine avatar image Holly Nadine commented ·
That didnt work for me.  It says "Im sorry you entered an incorrect extension"  I definetely entered the correct extension however.  I am using the Cisco IP Phone SPA525G.  Is there another way?
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abby avatar image abby commented ·
I tried to do this also and got a fast busy tone

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Chuck Fuscone avatar image Chuck Fuscone commented ·
So to transfer a call directly to Extension 400 voice mail you would

Either hit ## *0400#  (This will transfer the call directly to VM of Ext 400)
or Select the BXFR button on the Cisco phone type in *0400# then hang up

This should do it

Let us know


Certified Ring central Installer
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Duttalur Mandal avatar image Duttalur Mandal commented ·
Hi Chuck,
will you give me REST API for sending voicemail directly? 
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timothy-garner916 avatar image timothy-garner916 commented ·
Good Afternoon,

I can not get this to work. I dial *0102 trying to transfer to extension 102 and we get a busy signal.

We are very interested in this option instead of managing two Voicemail greetings per user.

Thank you,

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