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User Settings: How do I upload or change a custom greeting?

I need to change my greeting ( not my voicemail), do not see the upload audio file option for company greeting.
I am using Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari (MAC)

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Make certain that the default greeting radio button is not checked and that the custom greeting radio button is selected. This is all done under the "Set Greeting" option of the "Screening, Greeting & Hold Music" section of a user's extension. Make certain that you don't have any Advanced Calling Rules which might override your custom greeting.
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I've had similar weirdness with custom greetings.  If I record a wav file on the Mac and attempt to upload it, it will no longer play through the website - but I can hear it when I dial in.  What happens is the web player will buffer 11 seconds then freeze up.  What I did to get around it was record thru the web browser, save it locally to clean it up, then re-upload it.  The format is wav.  I've tried to upload an mp3 but it always tells me it's not in the right format.
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Mark Matheny avatar image Mark Matheny commented ·
I have recorded my custom greeting and uploaded it, but when someone calls, it still goes to the default greeting. What am I missing?

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Thx Henry!  Also, sometimes it can be the web browser. I.E often has issues.  Try FireFox and Chrome. 
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There are two places where a Custom Greeting will usually go: 

1) If you want the greeting to be for your  Main Number (Company Greeting) go to   Phone Systems >  Auto-Receptionist >  Company Greeting and Menu
If you saved the greeting under Company Greeting this greeting  will NOT apply to a Users direct extension.

2) If you want the greeting to be for  your personal extension >  Settings >   Screening, Greeting & Hold Music >  User Greeting
** This is not to be confused with recording your voicemail greeting which will be saved under  Messages & Notifications >  Voicemail Greeting. This is one of the most common things customer call us for, they accidentally save the voicemail greeting under User Greeting.  Make sure it's saved under Messages & Notifications.

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gorilla-dumpster-bag answered kim commented
I'm having trouble. I got my update custom greeting uploaded and it says it's saved and activated, but when I call the line, it's still my old custom greeting.. what do I do?
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There can be many different things to check here: 
  • Check User Hours when testing - make sure you are not testing during After Hours if you have uploaded it to regular working hours. 
  • Check to see if any Advanced Rules are active, which trump any call handling rules. 
  • Check to make sure you didn't accidentally upload the greeting under Messages & Notifications (Voicemail). 
  • Check to make sure it was saved for regular hours and not saved for After Hours
If you check these and still have an issue, please let me know which ext number and I'll assist you directly. :-) 
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