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Why does the softphone only accept VoIP calls?

It's designed as a desktop tool.
When sitting at my desk, it allows me to manually determine where to send a call or ignore it.
Most times, I have it forward to my cell phone, which happens to be sitting on my desk (PERFECT).

The Softphone works perfectly when someone dials my direct extension (516)
But when someone dials a department, and that call is routed to my extension,
the softphone ONLY allows me to accept via VOIP or Ignore.

This is CRAZY !!!
Why can't a department call be handled the same way on Softphone?

Also.......if I hit IGNORE on the softphone, the caller must wait a whole minute (minimum setting), before call is routed to my voicemail.

THATS CRAZY !!! too long for a holder to wait = losing customers !!



This is settings for DEPT 3 and DEPT 4 are supposed to be directed to my personal extension (516). My 516-settings are supposed to ring my softphone AND app simultaneously. All my setting are correct......(I think).........but I have no confidence it's working correctly. It doesn't ring.

Since the app is via wi-fi /or 3+4G, why doesn't it work exactly like the softphone, whereby I can choose to have it forwarded to my cell phone, instead of being forced to answer via VOIP.
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