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Extremely Frustrated

I have been a RingCentral customer since June. We started experiencing problems with our service immediately, mainly in the form of dropped calls. I have been on the phone with your customer service department in the Philippines countless times since and still the problem remains unresolved. Most recently, I was told to purchase a new router, and assured that we would be compensated for the purchase. After the router was purchased and installed the service did not improve. Next we were told it was in fact not the router but something else and that we would have to change to Static IP internet protocol service at an additional expense in order to fix the problem. The technician I had been dealing with for several weeks offered 6 months of free service to make up for the additional expenses and continued poor service. I weighed my options and was just about to commit when something bizarre happened. A representative from Ringcentral called to tell me that they were not going to pay for the router, as previously promised, not going to give us 6 months of free service, as previously promised, and that the best they were going to be able to do was one month of free service. This one phone call effectively killed any remaining desire we had to remain with RingCentral. To add insult to injury, I was billed for an additional month of service the very next day! We've pre-paid for 2 years, have received nothing but miserable service and support and you are billing for me an additional month? I contacting my original sales representative last week and was assured that he would have someone contact me the very same day. Still, no one has contacted me and he has been unreachable since. I need to speak to a US based account manager of RingCentral immediately. My next move is to hit Yelp, the better business bureau and beyond. Let's not make this more difficult than it has to be. Jesse Blonder Managing Director The Center for Kosher Culinary Arts 718.758.1339
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