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How do I set up call forwarding for after hours?

Our phones must be answered 24 hours a day and I am trying to figure out the best way to forward calls after hours to our on call staff. With our land line, we just forward the line to our on call individuals phone, then un-transfer the line the next morning. I would like to set up the business hours, then after normal hours have it: 1. say something similar to "Thank you for calling COMPANY, please press 1 if you have an after hours scheduling request or change, and you will be connected to the on call staffing coordinator, or you can enter your parties extension now. For a company directory, please press 9. Thank you. 2. automatically route all calls to the user cell phone / ring central app after hours. Could I do this with groups, a different extension or? Would I set after hours calls to go directly to the operator and just change who the operator is at the end of each day or? Im also open to different methods or ideas on how to accomplish this. Our on call staff have company provided android phones, and i can put the ring central app on there if that can be part of the solution. Ideas????
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The auto attendant has an after hours option, similar to the during hours. Go into the auto receptionist, and click company greeting and menu. The click after hours at the top. The only difference really is that it plays a different greeting, which of course you will want to record. Also make sure that the auto attendant hours are set so that it will play the after hours recording when you're not there.

The on the group/extension for the scheduling department, make sure that the after hours section of call handling is set to forward the call to whomever it needs to go to. bare in mind that if someone calls at 3 in the morning, it will ring their cell at 3 in the morning.

One more thing, for the "press 1 to reschedule" part, make sure that the number is the same group/extension as your scheduling department. Example, if you have 1 as sales during the day and scheduling at night, it will still route the call to the sales department because the customer is actually dialing an extension, not just pressing menu buttons. This may mean you have to make it say "Press 3 to reschedule" on your recording.

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