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$hared Line onfusion

Ok I have 4 numbers: Main Number, Fax Number (both were ported in) and two desk phones extensions (Polycom 335). These phones are in a 17 x 15 shared office in non-profit organization. And about 85% of the time there is only one person occupying this space however - the desks are task driven - when one person is handling the office, they have to put the caller on hold and go to the other desk to get an answer - they just want to pickup the phone on the other desk and continue the conversation. Or when there are two persons and you want to hand it to the other person its just easier to say hey pickup the call - but the current features (Transfers / Call Flip / Park ) are so inconvenient - too many digits to press or remember and or its buried under soft menus. - plus immediate action is needed otherwise the caller is not connected, in most cases the my experience the caller is dropped. Enter Shared Calls - I have been waiting for this and hoping this would be such a time saver - and looked at the FAQ. FAQ that reads: 2. Will it be additional cost to add this feature? This Shared Lines feature is included in all Office Editions with no additional cost. However, additional cost will apply when adding new phone lines and/or devices FAQ 8. What desk phone models support Shared Lines feature? Only Polycom desk phones: 321, 335, 550, 650HD, VVX-310, VVX-410, VVX-500. Mmm Okay - we are not adding anything and our phones are supported - so why is it when i call in they want to charge nearly $80 bucks more per month to add two more phone numbers? This makes no sense for something that happens only a few times a day.
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