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Quality Of Faxed PDF Downloads (From Sent Items) vs Original Quality

Hello All!

I just sent a fax that I attached a PDF document to from my local computer. When the fax was completed I went to the Message->Sent Items page and downloaded the message by clicking the Save button next to the fax and saved the sent message (it saved as a PDF file) to my computer.

When I opened the saved message one thing I immediately noticed was the quality of the PDF document that I saved. It was no where near the quality of the PDF document that I uploaded. My guess as to what's happening is, what Ring Central makes available to download for a sent fax is the "fax" format (whatever the actual fax looked like) rather than the original PDF that I uploaded.

Here is an example of the difference in quality. The first image is what the original PDF looks like and the second image is what the saved fax downloaded from Ring Central looks like:

I think I understand why they are doing this. It is important to be able to download/view the fax as it appears to the recipient. Sort of like an official receipt.

I would like to make a feature suggestion for Ring Central.

Let's say the original PDF document I used to upload to/send the fax somehow got deleted on my local computer. It would be really nice if Ring Central provided the ability to download the fax attachments that were originally uploaded when creating/sending the fax.

Next to each fax in the Message list they could add a drop down list or something that shows the original attachments for that message. I could then choose one of the original attachments and download it, in it's original form.

I still think they should keep the Save option that downloads the fax as it appears the to recipient. Just add the feature that fax attachments are also stored on Ring Central's website.

I realize Ring Central probably doesn't intend to be some kind of "Cloud" storage provider as well as Fax/Phone and that this might use up a lot of hard disk space on their servers. But nowadays disk space is cheap so it might just be something they would consider.

Thank you for listening.

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