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Why haven't you fixed dial by name? It is BROKEN.

Why hasn't this been fixed?  It is amazing that something so simple has not been addressed by anyone.

The problem is that when the standard ring central dial by name announcement is played for callers, (and there is no way to do a custom greeting for the dial by name feature) it neglects to tell people they have to press the pound sign in order to get back their results.  All it tells you is to dial at least three letters then what to press for Q and O, etc  Well you MUST press the pound sign to get the results back and this is something our callers don't know because the prompt does NOT tell them to press the pound key.

I called in last week and they made a ticket.  It is still not fixed.  I know feature changes take time, but not this.  It is a simple matter of replacing the .wav file on the server side.  The same .wav (or mp3) file is played for everyone.  Just change the frigging wave file and it is fixed for EVERYONE!!!!

It is sad I have to tell you this and it is sad that no one has caught this bug.  When I called it in they put in a "feature request".  It is not a feature request.  It is a fix for a broken phone system that the programmers did NOT properly test.

After I set up our phone system, I simply went through the prompts to test it.  That is how I found the programming screw up.  Can't believe ring central didn't do the same.

And WTF is up with your tech support hours?  5am to 6pm on  week days?  Do you think all of your telephone customers are banks and keep banking hours.

For such a good product, it is sad that it is run like a Mickey Mouse operation.

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